Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I’m drawn to theater that can only happen in the theater, and performances that are at once truthful and theatrical. I combine clear, dynamic storytelling images with a muscular and precise approach to language to create moments that are as specific as they are open to possibility.

I always hope my plays will encourage people to engage with perspectives that are new to them or contrary to their own, or to consider anew perspectives they already have. I believe that for theater to be useful, regardless of style or genre it must encourage people to have more compassion for, and to be more open to, diverse and contradictory perspectives. It should also make them laugh and feel at least a bit nervous.

I believe the “product” is not on stage, but in the audience. Whatever my own point of view may be, I hope each project offers its audience certain questions and compels them to answer:

What is this?

What are your questions?

What are your statements?

Most importantly, what is your neighbor asking and saying?