Recommended by Emily C. A. Snyder

  • I Am The Most Beautiful Bird
    13 Apr. 2023
    This is just a stunning piece of text to LOOK at. Anyone interested in experimental verse drama and Greek mythology should definitely check this piece out.
  • Open the Box (Don't) Open the Box
    13 Apr. 2023
    Really lovely short play about the Pandora myth. Davis manages to avoid the inherent misogyny of the play, instead pointing out HUMANITY'S curious nature. Would love to see how this might be staged, but also beautiful to read and imagine. Thank you!
    23 Oct. 2022
    An absolutely charming, genderqueer, iambic verse gracenote to "As You Like It." Fantastic.
    14 Mar. 2022
    This is an absolutely stunning verse play. Beautiful and numinous. The language and imagery are rich. And the gut-punch of mother and child trying to accept each other as they are, and not as they imagined, is universal and wrought with nuance and grace. HIGHLY recommended.

    (Also, although 17 pages, the verse lines are short enough that it probably runs closer to 12 minutes.)