Recommended by Lia Romeo

  • Well-Intentioned White People
    16 Jun. 2020
    I love this play, especially in this moment. It's so smart and so funny, and helps make the scope of the problem clear to the well-intentioned white people who might be reading or sitting in the audience.
  • You Have Earned Bonus Stars
    6 Apr. 2020
    Vince Gatton's plays are always funny, empathetic, and very moving, and this is another in that vein. A highly theatrical exploration of what it means to be good, filled with specific and memorable characters.
  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    6 Apr. 2020
    So smart. So funny. So good.
  • One Kind of Fear (LITOQ #7)
    26 Mar. 2020
    Beautiful and scary short play about these times... or any times.
  • Truth/Dare
    17 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful, funny, and haunting coming-of-age story.
  • Alma (f.k.a. #nowall)
    9 Jan. 2020
    A lovely play that personalizes the political in an extremely effective way.
  • The Venetians
    9 Jan. 2020
    Incredibly smart take on Shakespeare. Matt uses his source material to explore essential contemporary questions in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.
    9 Jan. 2020
    Incredibly smart and unexpected take on race relations and power dynamics!
  • Look Look Look Look Look
    9 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful play. Bixby takes a setup that's instantly familiar (at least to modern urban apartment dwellers) and uses it to explore universal themes of insecurity and loneliness.
  • The Net Will Appear
    9 Jan. 2020
    Hilarious, surprising, moving, and highly effective onstage!