Recommended by Lia Romeo

  • Eight Minutes, Twenty Seconds
    9 Jan. 2020
    Two-handers are so hard, and this is such a good one! Skillfully constructed, funny, and ultimately intensely moving.
  • Dick Pix
    9 Jan. 2020
    So smart, so weird, so funny... love this play!!
    9 Jan. 2020
    This is one of the smartest, most balanced, and most heartfelt plays I've seen about our current political and cultural moment. A beautiful and powerful piece.
  • Over Here
    21 Jun. 2017
    An (unfortunately still) timely, moving, and unsentimental play that makes the political personal more effectively than most things I've read or seen. The play is very real, very funny, and ultimately very sad. It's also (not incidentally) small-cast and very easy to produce!
  • Community
    21 Jun. 2017
    This is an incredibly clever and timely play. Like a lot of the best theater, it sucks the audience in to laughing at the foibles of its characters, and then turns the magnifying glass around and forces us to recognize those same foibles in ourselves. I've seen a couple of readings that were very well-received, and would love to see this in production!
  • Like a Queen or Whatever
    21 Jun. 2017
    What a weird and wonderful play! This is an incredibly innovative piece that shifts seamlessly from teenage vernacular to Shakespearean iambic pentameter, and somehow explores everything from the Tudors to the Trump victory to the cruelty of teenage girls. We recently workshopped the play at Project Y Theatre Company, where I'm the associate artistic director, and the cast and the other playwrights in the room all found it incredibly exciting.
    19 Aug. 2015
    This is one of my favorite historical plays! It handles material that could potentially feel dry with a light touch and a great sense of humor that make it a total crowd pleaser, and it's innovative and theatrical without ever feeling forced. We did a reading of A Wire in Water at Project Y Theatre, the company where I'm the literary manager, and it went over extremely well.