Recommended by Lia Romeo

  • Truth/Dare
    17 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful, funny, and haunting coming-of-age story.
  • Alma
    9 Jan. 2020
    A lovely play that personalizes the political in an extremely effective way.
  • The Venetians
    9 Jan. 2020
    Incredibly smart take on Shakespeare. Matt uses his source material to explore essential contemporary questions in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.
    9 Jan. 2020
    Incredibly smart and unexpected take on race relations and power dynamics!
  • The Net Will Appear
    9 Jan. 2020
    Hilarious, surprising, moving, and highly effective onstage!
  • Hotbed
    9 Jan. 2020
    A beautifully-rendered and compelling historical piece, with a lot to say about fame, race, and power dynamics in contemporary America.
  • I Want a Unicorn Frappe!!!
    9 Jan. 2020
    Frothy, funny, and full of depressingly insightful commentary about what it means to be a young woman in the 21st century. Catherine has an incredibly unique voice and important things to say.
  • The Exposed Bone Workshop Collective Ensemble Studio "Not Just Your Average Theatre Company" Theatre Company Presents: "When Pigs Fly!" A Reading Series of Hot & Spicy New American Plays Written by the Artistic Director
    9 Jan. 2020
    One of the funniest and most truthful things I've ever seen about what it means to try to make a life in the theater.
  • In The Blind
    9 Jan. 2020
    Beautiful and haunting play that manages to somehow encompass the entire human condition through a story about two old men hunting ducks.
  • The Wild Boar Of Chernobyl
    9 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful, weird, and intensely creepy play. Incredibly captivating.