Recommended by Eugenie Carabatsos

  • The Truth Will Spring Yuh
    8 Jul. 2018
    A contemporary take on the southern gothic genre, The Truth Will Spring Yuh is a fast-moving, engrossing read.
  • An Unexamined Life
    30 May. 2018
    Professor Wainwright and Mandy make an unlikely pair and it's their relationship that is the heart of this entertaining comedy. Both characters search for their place in the world only to find that their greatest purpose may be being each other's friend. Witty, with a strong beating heart, and an awesome Socrates, An Unexamined Life is a delightful play that balances comedy and darkness deftly, leaving the audience entertained and emotionally engaged.
  • The Saddest Word in the English Language
    21 May. 2018
    A poetic portrait of a couple struggling to maintain hope after a series of stillbirths. The Saddest Word in the English Language explores the effect that this loss has on individuals and couples and how we navigate the randomness of life. Its language and imagery is striking and memorable; its message hopeful. Reading this play is a beautiful, satisfying journey.
  • Boxed In
    21 May. 2018
    I love this play. It's an incredibly moving portrait of two brothers and the lengths that we will go to support those we love, even when we don't understand everything they do. With its mix of humor, heart, not to mention the miming, Boxed In is sure to affect audiences.
  • Ghost Walks into a Bar
    21 May. 2018
    A wonderful combination of comedy, existential dread, and romance. Ghost Walks Into a Bar is a meditation on what it means to be present. Unafraid to go dark, this play exposes, grapples with, and finds comedy and even peace in the unknown of death (and life). A great opportunity for an ensemble!
  • The Sisyphi
    16 May. 2018
    A combination of existentialism, absurdism, mythology, and even office comedy, The Sysphi explores what it means to carry on in a world defined by its meaninglessness. The visuals are striking and the ending image is resonantly powerful. I would love to see this play performed!
  • Aynnie: The Lil' Orphan Objectivist
    9 May. 2018
    A wonderful, entertaining parody. A clever, joyful ride. Would be a delight for actors and audiences alike.
  • Horizon Three
    2 May. 2018
    A fun, invigorating script. A non-traditional love story, mixed with an alien epic, and a very human search to find meaning in the universe.
    27 Apr. 2018
    An exciting and thoughtful exploration of the porn industry. A thrilling read!
  • A Is For Apron
    18 Apr. 2018
    A powerful and empowering script. The language is delicious and melodic; the characters are full and complex. A is for Apron is a magnificent journey into purgatory and nuanced exploration and subversion of gender and racial stereotypes. A must read!