Recommended by Eugenie Carabatsos

  • Stupid Ghost
    9 Apr. 2018
    A piercing, moving play about the pain of going unnoticed and the lengths we will go to for recognition. Stupid Ghost is witty, tender, and very human--not to mention really funny. A great ride for actors and audience alike!
  • Breeders
    2 Apr. 2018
    A hilarious, poignant portrayal of two couples: one human, the other hamster. It's charming and witty, with emotional depth. Breeders is sure to be a wonderful night of theater!
  • Plastic Nest
    29 Mar. 2018
    A quirky yet realistic portrait of the dissolution of a relationship. Plastic Nest explores how our desire to preserve our pasts can affect our future. A fun, relatable, and soulful play that would be a joy to watch onstage!
  • Bright Shining Sea
    20 Mar. 2018
    The imagery sticks with you long after you read the play. The language is delicious and poetic. Watching these characters navigate their grief in a world that is simultaneously full of life and on the brink of destruction creates a transformative, moving theatrical experience.
  • Where All Good Rabbits Go
    5 Aug. 2016
    A truly heartbreaking rendering of what it's like to lose people you love. It highlights the humor and absurdity of recognizing you have no control over death, while also providing comfort in the knowledge that the power of human connection is worth all of the pain that we feel when we lose it. Bring tissues.
  • Space Girl
    5 Aug. 2016
    Space Girl is the kind of play where the lines stick with you long after you first read it (e.g. "Trigger Warning: Blackholes"). The script is funny and clever. More than that though, it's a meditation on what it's like to be an outsider, what we're doing to our planet, and what's worth saving. Arugula and Nancy may be aliens, but they also exhibit the best parts of being human: they love, they're curious, and they long to be a part of a community. Space Girl is wonderful on the page, and I can't wait to see it onstage!
  • Frelmetsch the Maneater
    4 Aug. 2016
    A hysterical and thoughtful look into how people try to connect in an oftentimes unfair and absurd world. The dialogue in this play is witty and charming, and I loved how the play the builds to the moments of silence, pure movement, and ultimately, cohesion. It's a love story, without being about romantic love. I would love to see this play staged.

  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    4 Aug. 2016
    Delicious language! This play is sexy, smart, and structurally exciting. A delight!
  • The Violet Sisters
    4 Aug. 2016
    A moving play that explores the challenges and triumphs of being a sister, daughter, friend, and individual. The specificity of the world enhances the themes of trauma and hope. It's a kitchen-sink drama in a contemporary, exciting voice. I cannot wait to see this play produced!
  • D-Pad
    4 Aug. 2016
    D-Pad explores the video game world through a unique and thoughtful lens. The structure of the play highlights the theatricality of the gaming world in a way I have not seen done before, while never losing the heart of the story and very real, grounded relationships between the characters. It's both funny and heartbreaking, and provides awesome roles for female actors.