Recommended by Steven G. Martin

  • Unknown Number
    25 Nov. 2023
    Horror done very well: increasing by degrees as the play goes on. The audience knows something is a little wrong to begin, then things turn more and more wrong. But by that time, there's no escape. Greg Mandryk has pulled you in with "Unknown Number."
  • Stay Golden
    24 Nov. 2023
    This daffy comedy is a love letter to women's friendships that border on being sociopathic, "The Golden Girls" TV show and the sitcom lifestyle. Audiences are going to love this play with roles for mature actors.
  • Ava Maria
    23 Nov. 2023
    This short comedy is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible. Ann Flanagan shows the audience two awful human beings competing with one another with the most outlandish lies. "Ava Maria" is a comic gem audiences will love.
  • Why Did You Bother Killing the Sea Witch?
    22 Nov. 2023
    I love how Jenna Jane bursts the everlasting-love-at-first-sight bubble. This is a smart and funny spoof; audiences are going to recognize the original material immediately and enjoy to the final moment.
    21 Nov. 2023
    Laurie Allen has written two wonderful roles for more seasoned actors in this ten-minute romantic comedy. Harvey and Sue seem like polar opposites, but their chemistry glows at the end. Audiences will cheer "Stealing a Kiss" in performance.
  • The March Of I'ds (a one minute play)
    21 Nov. 2023
    I love the dramatic irony in this one-minute play. I also love the subtle change at the end from theorizing to acting, and the audience just doesn't know for certain what will happen.
  • Live, Laugh, Lobotomize
    20 Nov. 2023
    Sometimes total strangers show a greater depth of humanity, caring, and understanding for a person than the person feels for herself. In the case of "Live, Laugh, Lobotomize," those total strangers are a half-human, half-demon shop owner and a wood troll ... so, you know, fun.

    I love this play's generous spirit, which shines through the humor and The Darkness.
    20 Nov. 2023
    Adam Richter knows the importance of local journalism. In "Clips," he shows the harsh realities that have attacked it for decades. Idealism, pragmatism, and capitalism are pitted against one another in this fine short drama.
  • Midnight Nibble
    7 Nov. 2023
    A simple, direct twist into supernatural horror.
    31 Oct. 2023
    "Eyes of Purest Gold" is a short nightmare, indeed. I love how Monica Cross creates a disorienting atmosphere to tell the story of this new father and his comeuppance.