Recommended by Steven G. Martin

  • The Sound from the Edge of the Brook
    23 May. 2024
    Jonathan J. Samarro has crafted terrific characters: siblings arguing, defending, accusing during a highly emotional time. Audiences will also be able to tell how each of them was able to survive during what seems to have been a difficult home life as kids, to see how their shared past had impacted their present. I'd love to see more of Doug, Megan, and Dean and their story.
  • Adult in the Room
    21 May. 2024
    Terrifyingly real and tragic; my stomach tied itself in knots while I read "Adult in the Room." Greg Vovos shows the fruits of repeated inaction in the face of horrific events. The characters' rage and ineffectual resistance feel like the most natural conclusions in a world where gun violence in schools is taken for granted.
  • Tag (one minute version)
    21 May. 2024
    Do people grow up? Mark Harvey Levine's fun, sly comedy suggests the answer is yes ... and no. "Tag" would be great fun to see performed.
    18 May. 2024
    Alan Kilpatrick has created a wonderful labyrinth with this one-act comedy. "Knickers" starts simply but gets into a twist with all the conflicts and the language and the plot turns Kilpatrick creates. It's very verbal and the language is used to wonderful effect with threats and lies and reversals topped on top of one another.
    18 May. 2024
    Alan Kilpatrick has created a very funny comedy, making fun of bad people and their stupidity. Pretension and self-importance are neatly burst in mere minutes, and audiences will enjoy that very much.
    17 May. 2024
    Asher Wyndham's beautiful monologue shows the many facets of a man's strength, from physical to emotional, from bodybuilding and fitness to -- even more important in Wyndham's monologue -- his love for his family and his stance against cyberignorance. I would love to see "@mangusmuscle" in performance.
  • Please, Don't Go
    17 May. 2024
    Audiences will be an emotional wreck after watching "Please, Don't Go." This is a very well-crafted one-minute drama.
  • An Audience of One
    16 May. 2024
    A challenging yet wholly satisfying story with thoughtful, heightened use of language. "An Audience of One" needs to be produced far and wide; audiences will be moved and will remember it a long time.
  • The Mascot Always Pings Twice
    16 May. 2024
    I love this blistering satire against corporations and their use of marketing and advertising to fleece the public, and what responsibility really means.

    It's got visuals and references galore to drive home its point. It's also genuinely funny and thoughtful about responsibility and selling out.

    I hope "The Mascot Always Pings Twice" gets a lot more productions, and I want to be in the audience to watch.
  • Barbie Throws a House Party!
    14 May. 2024
    I love Catherine Weingarten's parody. Barbie is a dick, Skipper is a hero, and the Barbieverse is ridiculously twee (a jacuzzi with water that "is legit pink chocolate"?!). A lot of silliness and fun balanced with thoughtfulness and theme.