Recommended by Steven G. Martin

    24 Dec. 2023
    There is something to be said about the stress of maintaining traditions during Christmas, and Adam Richter says it with humor here. The visuals of the characters alone -- the disembodied head of a Little Drummer Boy ornament and a self-centered cat -- will get audience laughing. Throw in a pair of humans whose opinions about work and effort seem a bit skewed, and you've got a crowd-pleasing comedy.
  • A Friend
    24 Dec. 2023
    Ruben Carbajal has created a beautiful example of unwavering love, care, and support in the midst of difficult circumstances. It is done with the most subtle of touches; nothing explicit is said in the dialogue about these characters' history, but audiences will intuit it.
  • The Mrs. Claus Experiment
    23 Dec. 2023
    This short holiday comedy in two scenes moves from sweet and innocent to something a bit more adult that'll leave audience members blushing. It's funny all the way because of Christopher Soucy's skill. Costumers will especially enjoy designing this play.
  • The Grift of the Magi
    22 Dec. 2023
    A clever "What If?" scenario, placing the iconic Three Wise Men into modern conflicts. This fun play is even funnier for playwrights who recognize the scenario and will nod in appreciation.
  • I Don't DO Holidays
    22 Dec. 2023
    Well, that escalated at the speed of sound. Daniel Prillaman's humor is generous and broad at first -- parodies of movies and history/culture -- then turns dark and sharp, like a steel-bladed knife. You needn't hate holidays to love "I Don't DO Holidays," but remember to duck.
  • The Melatonin Miners
    22 Dec. 2023
    Mistakes were made and a wacky dream sequence ensues. Philip Middleton Williams charms the audience in this short comedy that features Ludwig van Beethoven, W.C. Fields, and Carl Reiner as characters.
  • Elves on Strike
    19 Dec. 2023
    There's a chaotic glee to this short comedy as the titular elves rat out the fiction of Elf on the Shelf and the empire it has launched. I can only imagine the real-world family dynamics the play will spawn when audiences return home and children and parents are forced to acknowledge the truth.

    Plus, there are lots of other comic details including the setting and the self-deprecation, the character names, and the picketing sign backstories. Fun work by Matthew Weaver.
  • An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
    19 Dec. 2023
    A sweet romantic comedy with an unusual scenario and characters whom audiences will root for. Very nice work from Hilary Bluestein-Lyons.
  • Sometimes, When It’s Night, I Run Through the Neighborhood Naked and No One’s Caught Me Yet
    18 Dec. 2023
    No one is just one thing, and DC Cathro explores that theme in his plays better than almost anyone. Cathro knows audiences will have preconceived notions about Warren and Danielle; they even have preconceived notions about one another. But through Cathro's exceptional dialogue and character building, audiences see, we see, Warren and Danielle are more than one thing, that our judgements are too hasty and too harsh. And our empathy grows, which is one thing I love about storytelling.
  • White Cotton, Black Light
    18 Dec. 2023
    Come for the gay sex, stay for the emotional vulnerability and intimacy in Sam Heyman's excellent character study/romantic drama.