Recommended by J.Lois Diamond

    17 Apr. 2024
    I enjoyed reading this witty play. It features two quirky female characters who are experiencing culture shock. Any actors lucky enough to be cast would have a ball with this one.
    4 Nov. 2023
    I love this play! It is full of warmth, humor and sass. Each character is well drawn and quirky, and would delight any actor lucky to be cast. It made me laugh out loud as I felt the pathos of their lives. I would love to see this produced.
  • Affairs
    21 Oct. 2023
    This naughty play has two juicy roles for female actors. Vivienne defies stereotypes and comes out on top. I would enjoy seeing this performed.
  • The Actress - One Act Play
    16 Oct. 2023
    This was a delightful noir play full of wit and surprises with 2 juicy female roles. I'd love to see this performed.
  • The Berlin Diaries
    5 Oct. 2023
    This play is a powerful and original presentation of a painful exploration into the traumatic Holocaust history of one's family and culture. I would love to see this performed.
  • Margaret Sanger Speaks
    3 Sep. 2023
    I learned a lot about the life of Margaret Sanger, in a mere 12 pages. It would be. a strong part for a female actor. It's sadly relevant today.
    24 Jul. 2023
    I love this play.It has such immediacy to it, conveying the stories of these extraordinary women caught in unspeakable suffering. What jumps out to me the most is how visceral it is, connected to the body as well as the spirit and the language is poetic and gorgeous. It should be produced widely. Well done!
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE, a 5-minute comedy
    7 Sep. 2022
    This play is very original and full of surprises. A great take on the burden of taking on a new life. I would love to see this performed. Bravo!
  • A ROOM WITH A BIT OF MAGIC - a monologue
    7 Sep. 2022
    This is a charming monologue which captures the healing power of theater. It features an enchanting role for a lucky young actress.
  • Cuban Poetry
    16 Aug. 2022
    What a wild and engaging story, reminding us that art has always been treated with fear and suspicion. I'd love to see this performed, and to read that banned poetry!