Recommended by J.Lois Diamond

  • When the Scythe Met the Stone
    1 Jul. 2022
    This short play packs a punch. It is dramatic, fast paced and empowering. We need role models of women like Fransciszka who fought back, today more than ever. It has a great female role. Well done!
  • Am I Still Your Christ?
    7 Jun. 2022
    What a treasure this play is! Full of awe and passion, it makes one of the most famous works of art dynamic and contemporary. The language is poetic and precise. The characters are distinct and powerful. I would love to see this performed.
  • Dirty Laundry
    13 May. 2022
    I just watched an online reading of this wonderful play with The Playwrights' Center. There was so much musicality in the language. I loved the way the chorus was used at times to narrate, clarify, emphasize, or reveal what lay beneath the surface of the various characters in this complex family drama. A great story that held my interest throughout.
  • The Night Ralph Threw Up On Me
    6 Mar. 2022
    Irwin Hahn is a brilliant story teller. This play is funny , dynamic, and very human. It moves at a fast pace and is full of self deprecating humor. The language is witty and full of irony. I would love to see this produced.
    9 Feb. 2022
    As someone who has always LOVED Barry White, this monologue brought a smile to my face. It's perfect in times for Valentine's Day.
  • Sweet, Sweet Girl
    2 Feb. 2022
    This short play really brings home the tragedy of mass shootings. These characters are having an ordinary day. Each is filled with kindness when the unspeakable happens. This would be an asset to a Code Red short play festival.
  • Women in Jeopardy!
    29 Jan. 2022
    I just read the sample and couldn't stop laughing. The situation is absurd, the characters are quirky and the dialogue is oh so witty. I would love to be able to read the whole play, or better yet, see it produced. Well done!
  • Paradise
    27 Jan. 2022
    This play is so rich in terms of science, culture and the true meaning of education. The relationship between student and professor transcends all categories we initially place them in. Full of dramatic surprises, I would love to see this produced.
    22 Jan. 2022
    This monologue captures all the chaotic anguish that a woman's life can be thrown into, as reproductive rights are undermined. The setting is an apt metaphor for Wanda's internal state. This piece needs to be heard now, before it's too late.
  • Fable
    27 Oct. 2021
    Fable held my interest from start to finish. The characters have depth and individuality, The play is filled with humor and pathos, but what I found the most extraordinary is how fully realized all the production elements were presented. I could easily see this marvelous play on stage. Well done! I would love to see this produced.