Recommended by J.Lois Diamond

  • DOUBLE TROUBLE, a 5-minute comedy
    7 Sep. 2022
    This play is very original and full of surprises. A great take on the burden of taking on a new life. I would love to see this performed. Bravo!
  • A ROOM WITH A BIT OF MAGIC - a monologue
    7 Sep. 2022
    This is a charming monologue which captures the healing power of theater. It features an enchanting role for a lucky young actress.
  • Cuban Poetry
    16 Aug. 2022
    What a wild and engaging story, reminding us that art has always been treated with fear and suspicion. I'd love to see this performed, and to read that banned poetry!
  • The Darkness Between Dreams
    10 Aug. 2022
    This is a truly magical play. The language is poetic and wry, the characters are distinct and the situation is full of the ultimate mystery of life and death. It's so original. I would love to see this performed.
  • Call Sometime
    5 Aug. 2022
    This play was a delightful read. The situation and characters are rich and well drawn. It was poignant and funny.
    There are 2 great roles for lucky female actors. I would love to see this produced.
  • The Rotary Phone
    5 Aug. 2022
    What a delightful trip down memory lane. This play is witty and a lot of fun. Actors would have a ball with it.
  • When the Scythe Met the Stone
    1 Jul. 2022
    This short play packs a punch. It is dramatic, fast paced and empowering. We need role models of women like Fransciszka who fought back, today more than ever. It has a great female role. Well done!
  • Am I Still Your Christ? (ten minutes)
    7 Jun. 2022
    What a treasure this play is! Full of awe and passion, it makes one of the most famous works of art dynamic and contemporary. The language is poetic and precise. The characters are distinct and powerful. I would love to see this performed.
  • Dirty Laundry
    13 May. 2022
    I just watched an online reading of this wonderful play with The Playwrights' Center. There was so much musicality in the language. I loved the way the chorus was used at times to narrate, clarify, emphasize, or reveal what lay beneath the surface of the various characters in this complex family drama. A great story that held my interest throughout.
  • The Night Ralph Threw Up On Me
    6 Mar. 2022
    Irwin Hahn is a brilliant story teller. This play is funny , dynamic, and very human. It moves at a fast pace and is full of self deprecating humor. The language is witty and full of irony. I would love to see this produced.