Recommended by J.Lois Diamond

  • Into the Dark
    13 Apr. 2021
    This play is full of dark suspense. A riveting tale that rings all too true. Well done!
  • Eating in the Dark
    24 Feb. 2021
    This absurd play is full of dark humor. It has the feel of a hallucinated confession as told by a female comic. I'd love to see this performed.
  • Charlotte's Revival
    21 Feb. 2021
    I attended an online reading of this play at The Depot. It is a very poetic piece, with a lush use of language. The character of Charlotte is drawn with so much delicacy, she is reminiscent of the women populating the plays of William Inge and Tennessee Williams. I would love to see a full production of this poignant play.
    29 Jan. 2021
    I saw a reading of this play with The Atlantic Theater Company. It is a very powerful depiction of the Haitian revolution, with distinct characters caught in the most challenging of circumstances. It speaks to the universal struggle against the oppression of colonialism and illuminates the rich culture and history of Haiti. I would love to see this produced.
  • The Tinker Bell Situation
    17 Jan. 2021
    I just heard a podcast of this play through Onstage/Offstage. It's funny, has strong dialogue, fully realized characters and a wacky but believable situation. Actors would have fun with this one. I would love to see it performed onstage.
  • A World Without Allergies; A Talk by Dr. Kramer
    26 Dec. 2020
    This was a delightfully funny read. It was a nice respite from the horrors of covid, and would be fun to stage. Thanks. I needed that.
  • Lady Liberty is Losing Her Vision (A Monologue)
    8 Nov. 2020
    What a witty and bittersweet metaphor of Lady Liberty losing her vision. It has Lawing's usual black humor about serious subjects. This would be a gift for an older female actor.
  • Santa Because
    1 Oct. 2020
    This is a very powerful monologue which depicts a woman emerging from a dark situation, in the most unlikely of contexts. It is full of dramatic surprises and would be a gift for any lucky actress.
    1 Oct. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing the workshop performance of this play and was very impressed by the dramatic insights, humor which arose organically from the characters and the situation, as well as the kinesthetic/visual world she conjured up. A sheer delight!
    1 Oct. 2020
    I saw the workshop production of this play and blown away by the quirky characters, humor and sheer insanity of this piece. The fact that it was written in less than a week makes it all the more impressive. Produce this now! We all could use a good laugh.