Recommended by J.Lois Diamond

  • Sitting and Talking: a Play for Zoom
    24 Aug. 2020
    I saw this performed online from Prince William Sound College. Romeo captures all the wonder and awkwardness of online dating with two fully realized characters trying to make their way in the most challenging of times. It is moving and brings up some important issues our society needs to consider
  • Closing Doors
    23 Aug. 2020
    This is a very powerful play, which explores the complexities of school shootings. Minigan lays out the various issues through two fully realized characters. Educators and parents need to see this performed. We live in a new dark reality and we need plays like this to guide us into action and better future policy.
  • Saturday -- 10 minute play
    30 Jul. 2020
    What a charming and funny story about the restrictions religions place on the faithful, and how odd they seem to an outsider. This play has two rich characters engaged in a commonplace, yet dramatic situation. This was a sheer delight to read, and would be fun to see staged.
  • Welcome to the House of Karma
    29 Jul. 2020
    This new age spoof is hilarious! It's full of wit, snappy dialogue and wacky characters. I would love to see this performed.
  • Crazy Quilts
    28 Jul. 2020
    Wow! What a powerful representation of a dark and often hidden issue. This play really draws you in, like being party of a private, intimate group. Just when you're getting comfortable, it hits you with a stark and unexpected ending. Well done!
  • She Hung Up
    28 Jul. 2020
    What a charming family drama, full of angst, warmth and humor.! Smith has written some very believable characters who authentically sound like a married couple. This play would be a great addition to any 10 minute play festival. Well done!
  • THE MASK-A-RAIDER (Monologue)
    27 Jul. 2020
    Affoumado succeeds in creating a bizarre yet believable character of the moment. An actor would have fun with this one!
  • Evil Eye
    18 Jul. 2020
    This play is so compelling. The characters are complex and distinct and the relationships are very believable. It reminded me of conversations I used to have with my mother. There is a dark twist to this play which comes from Hindu/Buddhist beliefs. Every aspect of this play is deeply rooted in the richness of South Asian culture. Well done!
  • Road Trip
    5 Jun. 2020
    This surreal comedy is a fun romp! All of the characters are well defined, and the pacing is as dynamic as a road trip should be. I'd love to see this performed. Well done!
  • Bigelow Gulch
    26 Apr. 2020
    A charming slice of life, evolving naturally in a coffee shop, full of humor and warmth.