Recommended by MT Cozzola

  • The Cleanup
    14 Mar. 2022
    Smart. Suspense. Surprising. Proximity Play is all those things. BUT ALSO, I feel like when staged, so many parents will watch and feel like, AT LAST SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS MY CHALLENGES. I think this play will make a lot of people feel good--and yes, that's despite or along with the pain we feel for what some of the characters experience. It will make the audience feel loved and understood, which is one of the most awesome things a play can do, in my opinion.
  • MLM is for Murder (Or, Your Side Hustle is Killing Us)
    10 Feb. 2022
    I started laughing on page 1 and pretty much didn't stop. Bravoso gives us a fable of logical conclusions to the improbable realities. The characters are relateable, vulnerable, and make some absolutely horrible choices that I almost can't blame them for. Which is exactly where I want to be as an audience member, especially when watching something that mirrors our culture at the moment. Bravo to Bravoso!
    16 Mar. 2020
    I needed a laugh today and this play gave me so many! I'm drawn to Minky's strong wants that just keep coming. Poor Billie is faced with so much upheaval, and in the end I'm pretty sure Pavel is responsible for all of I'm ready for the next installment! A delight, and I would love to see this onstage.
  • Bury the Rest
    4 Jun. 2019
    A deeply passionate exploration of grief and principles, and what happens when they get in the way of each other. Messy human relationships and gorgeous structure make this play something special. The wit and humor only make the sense of loss more heartbreaking. The interludes help me to navigate time and relationships in a way that is beautifully theatrical. There are great roles for women here, and vibrant relationships. I can't wait to see this onstage!
  • Last to Die for a Lost Cause
    28 May. 2019
    Engaging characters and tight construction make this intimate drama impossible to put down. Each character is struggling with some aspect of desertion, and not always in the way I've understood that term. The relationships between Calvin and Tommy, and between Anna and Shada are particularly poignant, and the climax was heartbreaking. I can see this play working particularly well with a minimal set and a great sound designer. It's extremely powerful in its simplicity, dark humor, and stark themes.
  • The Persuadables
    28 May. 2019
    This retelling of the Cambridge Analyticalizing of our democracy has humor, specificity, and most of all, compassion. Yes there are good guys and bad guys, but the power of the play is the way Hallie makes us see how TEMPTING it is to think that big data is safe in our own hands...and how integrity can get eaten away little by little until we don't even know it's gone. A timely and smart play.
    19 Apr. 2019
    This piece shines in the sweet spot between anger and hope, between poetry and practicality. I keep imagining it alongside other scenes about protest and how it fits (or doesn't) into our lives right now. A character who is immediately vivid, with wants and needs that root her to this spot right now. Bravo!
  • Monica: This Play Is Not About Monica Lewinsky
    19 Apr. 2019
    This play is really NOT about Monica Lewinsky, and what's fascinating is the WAY it's not--somehow it makes me reexamine my own assumptions about public figures and my own relationships. I kept being surprised by the shifts in how my assumptions were undercut, and how the deliberately fictional story was informed by and reframed what I saw as the "real" story. A great example of how theatre can take us places that wouldn't work in film or TV. Lots of layers, entertaining and thought-provoking.
  • ZEN & the Art of Mourning a Mother
    17 Apr. 2019
    I'm delighted by the three relationships in time being explored onstage at once in this piece. Sarah is a character who altogether breaks my heart, cracks me up, makes me cringe in recognition, and makes me root for her -- what a light touch Goldman-Sherman has, in the way she examines grief and our ties to the past through suspenseful dramatic questions and swift surprises. Beautiful!
  • Maker of Worlds
    5 Dec. 2018
    Unique and sometimes brilliant writing that reflects our world while being completely its own thing. I loved the way the conflict between the deities plays out in a way that starts out absurd and then gets so absurd that it becomes serious. It's a great role for a versatile performer, and the writer's light touch with some very heavy topics makes the journey both fun and memorable.