Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I hope to create highly theatrical experiences that subvert the canonical, dramatic traditions and expectations. I enjoy putting sugar in my poison... so humor is a very important part of my work. I think my tone often plays with the silly, but hopefully is never stupid.

I'm committed to creating stellar roles for actors who may not get as many opportunities to shine in the American stages: BIPOC, Queer, actors with disabilities, and performers with non-Anglo accents.

I'm currently working on a series of plays that expand the ambition of my creative vision. These new shows require larger casts and budgets, so I'm looking for partners who can help scale to this new phase of my writing life.

My latest world-premiere is ¡Bernarda! a new take on the classic by Lorca, which was produced by Teatro Vista in Chicago and co-presented by Steppenwolf at their 1700 theater.

On my pipeline, I'm currently working on a commission for Studio Luna: "Elektra Problematika", and all Latinx reinvention of the classic by Sophocles. Studio Luna is currently searching for co-producers.

Teaching philosophy
In my experience as a writer, I have found that the two most essential factors in developing a sustainable practice are creative self-discipline and craft. In the classroom, I foster these two crucial aspects of the creative life while exposing the students to a variety of artistic voices and disciplines. The class is a space for personal and academic growth as well as an opportunity to interface with changing sensibilities. It is my objective to develop an inclusive, student-centered environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, promotes critical discussion, and generates new knowledge through reading, discussion, and experiential learning projects. I always teach canonical tradition side by side with the work of subversive playwrights who have turned the tables on those classics.