Recommended by Ken Preuss

  • Interview With The Playwright
    17 Nov. 2021
    John Mabey’s INTERVIEW WITH THE PLAYWRIGHT skillfully dances a fine line between genres, casting a haunting spell that draws you in and holds you tight. The push-pull of the characters’ motivations and revelations unravel at a perfect pace, allowing us to share the emotions and imagine our own responses. A combination of romance and horror, of poetry and philosophy, or nightmares and dreams… the intoxicating tale invites you to “let go of the idea of heroes and villains” and explore “everything in-between.”
  • Cupid's Point
    14 Aug. 2021
    A tantalizing take on classic urban legend, CUPID’S POINT presents two lovebirds parked in the woods with an escaped madman on the prowl. The dialogue flows fast and furious as twisted and twisty tale leaves the audience wondering when the real villain will be revealed. This one hooks you from the start and leads to a truly smashing finish.
  • The Berenstain Bearadox
    14 Aug. 2021
    A clever mix of Mandela effect and meta moments, Lipshcutz’s fast and funny monologue takes the audience on a journey from the comfort of a child’s bedside to the chaos of an existential crisis. It’s an un-bear-ably funny audience pleaser and a roaring good showcase for any actor or auditioner.
  • The Marsha Chronicles
    14 Aug. 2021
    Although the title and opening moments of The Marsha Chronicles suggest lighter sci-fi fare, Mabey’s insightful script – like the robot double he’s created - slowly reveals a darker intent. As chuckles turn to chills, the exploration of space becomes an internal search for self-acceptance and a memorable journey for actors and audiences alike.
  • Of Night Shadows
    14 Aug. 2021
    A seductively sinister play filled with secrets, silences, and shadows. Angus and Matilda’s quiet confrontation touches on being unfaithful before veering into the unfathomable. Tension builds poetically and powerfully to a frightful finish that will linger with audiences long after the stage fades to black.
  • You Can Bake! (a short Zoom play)
    29 May. 2021
    Cooking up online theatre is no piece of cake, but Aptecker serves a delectable dish that continues to delight actors and audiences across the globe. (I’ve seen it on the menu of multiple festivals.) YOU CAN BAKE is the perfect mix of clever dialogue, lovable characters, and relatable emotions. With a tasty blend of silliness and sincerity, Aptecker has found the recipe for the perfect Zoom-Friendly concoction. Try it for yourself. It’ll leave you joyfully satisfied and wanting to come back for more.
  • 153
    29 May. 2021
    If you could speak to your younger self, what advice would you share? What grudges would you hold? What choices would you forgive? Martin’s play unfolds unexpectedly, revealing its poetic premise with elegance and emotion. Beautifully magical but grounded in a reality to which we can all relate, 153 explores the challenges we face, the choices we make, and the changes we seek in our journey to accept and embrace who we are. Read and produce this play! 153 might easily become your audiences’ favorite number.
  • Crusades
    29 May. 2021
    In John Mabey’s, CRUSADES, a mother and daughter banter about religion while traveling on a cross country drive. The heartfelt and humorous conversation - filled with revelations and realizations -is so effortless engaging, it feels as though we are experiencing everything alongside the characters, eavesdropping on their emotional journey. Mabey offers two remarkable roles for actresses and a ride we will remember fondly.
  • Castles In The Zoom (10-min version)
    29 May. 2021
    John Mabey’s CASTLES IN THE ZOOM is a timely, tender, fast, and funny, romantic comedy that allows its characters to “meet-cute” without actually meeting in person. Watching Avery and Jordan roll with the changes, connect with someone new, and embrace the wonders of Zoom (rather than curse its limitations), dreamers of all-kinds can be inspired to do the same with their circumstances, finding a little magic of their own.
  • The Legend Of Snails
    17 May. 2021
    Bridges, bicycles, and the biology of snails are unlikely subjects for romantic banter, but in the hands of playwright, John Mabey, and from the mouths of his characters, the topics become both tender and touching. Sophie and Tess connect on a tour of Amsterdam, but their fears, flirtations, and foibles are instantly relatable. Like a love itself, THE LEGEND OF SNAILS, is unique, universal, and unforgettable.