Recommended by Ken Preuss

  • Every 10 minute play in 10 minutes
    22 Oct. 2020
    Anyone who has attended a 10-minute play festival (or written short plays) will smile in recognition, laugh out loud, and enjoy speculating which tropes will be upended next. Combining short plays is a tall task, but Levine does so with comic precision. As the title suggests, every short play appears in ten minutes… and somehow they’re all a little funnier!
  • Romantics Anonymous
    17 Oct. 2020
    Desire a drink? Call your AA sponsor. Desire a drink with a married co-worker? Call your RA buddy. ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS takes a fun premise in unexpected directions, riffing on addiction, lust, and the status quo. Actors and audiences will embrace the rapid-fire dialogue, enjoy the big laughs, and explore the social norms introduced and cleverly deconstructed. Are we “emotional pirates” or simply seeking “little flickers of happiness?” Foster’s witty script will make you wonder while you watch.
  • Quentin Tarantino's PG-13 Crime Movie
    15 Oct. 2020
    Busser’s hip and hilarious comedy riffs on Disney and Tarantino with equal aplomb, tossing nods to the art-house antics of Daniel Day Lewis, too. Pop references and witty wordplay fly fast and funny, and the role of Samuel is a star-maker for actors talented (and brave) enough to tackle the ridiculously funny collection of almost-curse-words. It’s a “Monkey-Fighter” Masterpiece that’ll please actors and audiences alike.
  • Bump In The Night (10-min version)
    14 Oct. 2020
    Crime can put stress on a relationship, especially when the lovebirds in question are the ones committing the crime. Mabey’s married couple experiences a relationship crisis mid-robbery, creating moments of rich humor and surprising depth. Laughs! Love! Larceny! This criminally comical romantic short will steal your heart.
  • Oh, Tannenbaum (radio version)
    3 Oct. 2020
    Like its titular tree, Mark Harvey Levine’s holiday comedy, OH, TANNENBAUM, branches off in several directions, each one equally lovely (and funny!) It’s starts simple and surreal (Christmas tree talks to man), turns religious. (Someone admits to being Jewish), and winds up existential (Both ponder their place in the world.) Adorned with witty lines and wonderful revelations, TANNENBAUM, is an evergreen comedy that should be highly decorated!
  • Transported
    3 Oct. 2020
    Part workplace farce, part sci-fi parody, part romantic comedy, TRANSPORTED boldly goes when few plays have gone before. With big roles that actors will embrace and big laughs that audiences will love, Tracey Jane’s script will appeal to anyone who has ever had a “work-spouse,” watched Star Trek, or simply wished they were somewhere else.
  • Jim Reaper
    3 Oct. 2020
    Set at a most-unusual cocktail party, Tracey Jane’s play ponders deep questions with terrific laughs and surprising twists. Comic dialogue, clever idioms, and creative characters mix elegantly in an exploration of death that becomes a celebration of life. Embrace this REAPER. Death has never been sexier, wittier, and more romantic.
  • Meet the Pets
    3 Oct. 2020
    This fast, funny (& furry) romantic comedy unleashes wild laughter with characters that audiences will love and roles that actors can really sink their teeth into. I have seen PETS performed with 4 different casts (and cats!), and it has never failed to be the hit of the festival. A sure-fire crowd pleaser that’s dog-gone funny to animal lovers and theatre lovers alike.
  • Welcome to Intercourse
    3 Oct. 2020
    Behind the provocative title - which actually refers to the name of a town in Amish Country – is a road-trip romance that’s equal parts sweet and sexy. The playful innuendo and poetic musings create dialogue that’s a pleasure for performers and audiences alike. Filled with laughs and love, this is Intercourse you’ll never forget.
  • Very Common Remedies
    27 Sep. 2020
    Dakutis presents a quick, edgy comedy that does what strong political satire should. It points out the absurdity of agendas. His riffs on prayer, gun control, and mental health will earn laughs, provoke discussion, and affect those who see themselves in the arguments -angering some, perhaps – but hopefully shedding light, too. Want to produce provocative comedy? Give VERY COMMON REMEDIES a shot.