Recommended by Ken Preuss

  • Annnd Scene (of the Crime)
    26 Sep. 2020
    Ding. Ding. We have a winner! Annnd Scene (of the Crime) caught my attention with its hilarious title. A couple pages in, I realized the premise was even funnier. Midway, it became clear that the execution would be flawless. A clever riff on investigations and improvisations, it offers non-stop laughs, clever twists, and terrific roles. Should you read and produce this play? Yes... and... !
  • The Sensational Sisters
    28 Jul. 2020
    Mabey has created a heartwarming family story, a meditation on aging, a superhero fantasy, and a quirky comedy all rolled into one. The Sensational Sisters offers radiant roles for aging actresses, loads of laughs, and a terrific tale for audiences of all ages.
  • BOOM - monologue about loss for any gender, any age
    1 Jul. 2020
    Fireworks explode and memories cascade in this moving monologue about the loss of a friend and the legacy he left behind. Poetic and poignant, and above all… personal. You’ll share in the love and suffer the loss… and feel richer for having experienced both.
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE, a 5-minute comedy
    17 May. 2020
    Ever contemplate existence from the confines of your “crib?” (These days, there’s plenty of time for it.) The characters in DOUBLE TROUBLE do just that. The clever and creative twist? They’re newborn twins. I’ve enjoyed this fast and funny play both on stage and online. Old souls and new souls alike will find it thoughtful and fun.
  • BLAME IT ON BARBIE, a four-minute comedy for two women
    17 May. 2020
    Coming out to a parent... about one's love of theatre is never easy, but in this case, it's quite enjoyable. Rose's script is everything a short play should be: Fast, funny, and heartfelt! Take it from this Ken. Barbie is a beauty!
    10 May. 2020
    Crisp pacing, clever plotting, and creative wordplay combine for a quick and quirky comedy. Lermond offers three fun roles, multiple twists, and a perfect play for any ten-minute festival.
  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    7 Sep. 2019
    Family by Numbers plays a number on your emotions. It starts as a simple boy-meets-girl love story, evolves quickly to a family dramedy, then veers unexpectedly to a tense mystery. Poetic, emotional, and original, Arianna Rose’s script presents a familiar family tale in a riveting and memorable manner.
  • THE BEAT GOES ON 10-minute comedy
    7 Sep. 2019
    Music moves us, but what medium does it best? Anthropomorphic characters banished to a museum exhibit, banter about the good old days and speculate about a return to glory. Arianna Rose creates fun and fond memories for anyone who’s ever nudged a skipping record, waited through an awkward 8-Track pause, performed surgery on a cassette with a pencil, or shared music via CD or flash drive. The Beat Goes On is a hit - no matter how you like to serve up your songs.