Recommended by Rachel Luann Strayer

  • Abandon All Hope
    8 Jun. 2023
    With dark and playful humor, Peter Fenton channels Sartre to examine the things we do - not only to each other, but to ourselves - that create a living hell on earth. It is a thoughtful, heartfelt, and funny exploration of the human heart, offering both honesty and grace as its characters look at themselves fully for the first time.
  • Chasing the Carpe Diem
    29 Aug. 2022
    Brenda Fager's CHASING THE CARPE DIEM is a fun, thoughtful, and entertaining play that is perfect for a teenage cast. Teens are bound to relate to Luisa, a high school senior who is terrified of being trapped by her mother's post-graduation plans, but equally terrified of following her own dreams and desires. The elements of magical realism, heartfelt comedy, and adventure easily combine into a highly enjoyable play that will engage teens and adults alike. Can't wait to see a full production of this one!
  • Deep Calls
    29 Sep. 2021
    DEEP CALLS is a beautifully-written play about incredibly challenging subjects. I love the use of the fairytale world to help tell Carson’s story, making it surprisingly age-appropriate for practically any audience. The images used by Phillips throughout the play evoke a powerful message, especially the use of clothing and willow trees. Sweet, delicate, lovely, and powerful.
  • Edmund Fitzwater Doesn’t Have Any Answers for You
    28 Jul. 2021
    Both funny and unsettling, this short play gives off Black Mirror vibes in the best possible way. I would love to see a full-length version that further explores not only this terrifying technology, but also what might be going on under the surface for the character of Josie, in the hopes of learning what's threatening their future.
  • Shelved
    28 Jul. 2021
    I loved watching the online production of SHELVED performed by NextStage Theatre! Such a fun, entertaining play which would be enjoyed at any short play festival. Especially perfect for a night of literary-inspired theatre or a site-specific library performance.
  • The Devil Eats Oreos?
    24 Jul. 2021
    This is such a fun, comedic horror piece that asks very real questions about how we function in a world where we hold something to be true and even the people closest to us have a hard time believing us. Would love to see this on its feet!
  • trojan car bomb
    8 Jul. 2021
    A fascinating take on Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, TROJAN CAR BOMB highlights the troubles in Ireland from both sides, asking questions about the nature of ongoing conflict and the sacrifices we are willing to make for ideals that may never be reached. An exciting ensemble piece that I'd love to see on stage!
  • AHHH! (The Bathing Suit Play)
    5 Jul. 2021
    What a wonderful, joyful little play! The looming fear of body insecurity was instantly relatable and the bond between three women determined to enjoy a day at the beach made my heart incredibly happy.
  • The Ghosts of Wuthering Heights: A Literary Haunted House
    5 Jul. 2021
    I love a good immersive play & this is a fascinating adaptation that is well-served by the medium. I hope it finds the right cast & director to bring it to life, preferably in a creepy old mansion that I would be eager to explore!
  • Predictor
    22 Jun. 2021
    What a gorgeous play! Beautiful, profound, important. Blackmer's style grabs hold from the very first page and never lets go. This is a history that I never knew, a history that deserves to be known. As a proudly feminist playwright, it was thrilling to read a piece that was so unapologetically feminist. The most wonderful and astounding thing is that despite the obstacles, frustration, and absolute injustice experienced by the protagonist of this play, Blackmer still manages to leave us with a sense of hope, joy, and optimism. No matter who ignores us, we can, in fact, change the world.