Recommended by Martha Patterson

  • The Wicked Life of Patience Boston
    10 Nov. 2021
    A play that appears to have strong historical authenticity (the occasional F-bomb aside), this feminist story is about a woman -- often drunk -- who has committed murder and apparently confesses. The play may have difficulty getting produced, only because of the mostly strict adherence to archaic language. But well done, Bryan Stubbles -- a strong "woman's" play where some of the men seem less than admirable.
  • An Awkward Conversation in the Shadow of Mount Moriah
    8 Nov. 2021
    Tightly-written play employing modern lingo about a very dysfunctional parent and child -- the famous Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac...excellent job, John Bavoso!
  • Principles of Logic
    20 Sep. 2021
    Serena wants a book back from Professor O'Donnell. With much discussion of math at the end (when Serena figures out the lock on the cabinet holding the book), this is an interesting play about a psychological battle between two people, one of whom only seems to have the upper hand.
  • The Quilt
    20 Sep. 2021
    A moving selection of monologues on creators of the famous AIDS quilt...many participants remember their connection to AIDS. Touching and sad. Well done, John Kelly!
  • All the Answers
    19 Sep. 2021
    Wow! A riveting play about a man who dies and goes to Heaven, and gets to ask a young girl who is almost 1000 years old ONE QUESTION - because she knows all the answers! Has a wonderful monologue near the end about all the possible questions he COULD ask her. I was quite struck by this play, and by some of the questions I myself would like answered (about politics, sports, fate, etc.).
  • Bad Thing
    19 Sep. 2021
    An exceedingly moving drama about two brothers on a car ride to the doctor, and one of the brothers is developmentally disabled. The play does have some humor, but most of all it's sad and displays lots of empathy for both characters. Well done, Mark Cornell.
  • Top Shelf Tolstoy
    19 Sep. 2021
    A fun play about a library that serves up liquor instead of the classics. I loved the line from one of the library employees, "None of my business if you want to load up early." It made me laugh! Max Gill has done well with a bookish theme.
  • The Queen Searches
    17 Sep. 2021
    A rollicking story of the Royal Court, using heightened language, in which the Queen's dogs have gone missing. With much reference to a courtier's "shapely legs," this is a fun play for any age.
  • An Appreciation
    17 Sep. 2021
    What does a Creator have, when everyone mercilessly criticizes his work?...then we find out the "work" is the audience itself! A very amusing play on the theme of art appreciation.
  • Abandonment (a 1-minute play)
    17 Sep. 2021
    Hugh, clutching a well-worn Bible, needs to know if God really loves him - a touching, very short script about insecurity with the Divine.