Recommended by Martha Patterson

    13 Mar. 2023
    A play with a charming ending, about a suicidal mother (an ex-beauty who had a neglectful mate), who unloads on her gay son. Her caring son, as it turns out, has had similar problems. The final pages made me smile because these two people work things out in such a lovely, humorous way. Terrific short piece of writing that deals well with the theme of depression.
  • To My Dearest Wife Mary
    11 Mar. 2023
    A sometimes-sweet, sometimes-rancorous, and often really, really funny series of letters (would be great for radio production), by a man who seems to have a love-hate relationship with his wife. Has he finally tried to hang himself by the end of the play? I was a bit mystified! But it seems not - he just goes off drinking! Great, humorous work from Christopher Plumridge.
  • Pelicans
    11 Mar. 2023
    This is the lovely and lyrical monologue of a young girl who seems to have fallen in love with a man she stood near at the ocean but didn't dare to really talk to. The ending is heart-stopping, where she compares him to dead rock stars. An eloquently-written piece about youth, infatuation - or "love" - and poetic reminiscence.
  • The End of Summer
    11 Mar. 2023
    A very moving short play about the love between a father and daughter, while she watches her mother get re-married. These two protagonists have been separated - why?...possibly because of his having been in jail, or a restraining order from the ex-wife?...I wasn't sure, but the exchange between this man and his young daughter is seriously touching and reveals lots about their affection for one another. I also laughed a couple of times at some of the rather wry and ironic lines. Nice to read a strong play about parental and filial love!
  • The Mother of God Visits Hell
    11 Mar. 2023
    Employing poetic language good enough to rival some of Shakespeare's, this is a wonderful play about - well, Hell! I'd read other terrific plays of Daniel's that really work, but was still amazed that he had the imagination to write this complex piece of sustained poetry - hard to do. Recommended as a verse play.
  • Oy Vey Maria (a ten minute play)
    10 Mar. 2023
    Hands-down one of the funniest short plays I've read on NPX. A Biblical story about the Virgin Mary's Jewish Mom who, of course, brings food when Jesus is born. The Little Drummer Boy also makes a comical appearance ("Come, they said to me...")!
  • Hasn't Enough Been Said About Charles Manson?
    4 Mar. 2023
    A rather strange and fascinating monologue by a woman who goes nuts at the airport, thinking about Charles Manson. (I'm old enough to remember his murderous crimes in the '60s.) The author, Michael Hilton, is right that the play needs to be read rather than seen, partly because of difficult stage business like her silent husband pissing himself in his pants. But worth a read for its take on political and social tragedies of the past century. And it's only 4 pages long!
  • Amsterdam Café
    28 Feb. 2023
    Fun play about two women sampling pot while in a European cafe. It's a surprise when it's just a trick by one traveler to the other. (There's also a waiter who's rather mysterious...)
    12 Dec. 2022
    George and Vivian are on their second date when he reveals that he embalms corpses for a living. With funny retorts from George after Vivian balks at continuing their relationship, this is a fun play about dating and a sort-of "dark" subject.
  • The Wicked Life of Patience Boston
    10 Nov. 2021
    A play that appears to have strong historical authenticity (the occasional F-bomb aside), this feminist story is about a woman -- often drunk -- who has committed murder and apparently confesses. The play may have difficulty getting produced, only because of the mostly strict adherence to archaic language. But well done, Bryan Stubbles -- a strong "woman's" play where some of the men seem less than admirable.