Recommended by Peter Fenton

  • A Telling of Job
    4 Apr. 2024
    I recall the Biblical narrative of Job being inherently a bit dramatic, and I believe Lisa Corrado has drawn out that drama from the ancient book onto the page. "A Telling of Job" is a tight, faithful adaptation of the text that's easy for young performers to pick up and will be a great option for Christian or Sunday school drama programs hoping to perform a Bible story.
  • a seussified grindr date
    3 Apr. 2024
    And here I thought I had the worst luck on Grindr. Poor Sam. This 10-minute two-hander taps into the familiar dichotomy and mismanaged expectations between guys who are eager and ready to impress and put on a show (represented deftly in Sam, who has put on a Seussian rhyme scheme) and those people who hurt them (represented by Guy). Anyone with any familiarity with Grindr will understand and appreciate the dynamics of this absurd short comedy!
  • Good Morning, Miriam
    3 Apr. 2024
    I haven't read a play about dementia before--or if I have, Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn's GOOD MORNING, MIRIAM has made me forget. This one-act is a hard-hitting look inside the mind of a woman with dementia and how it effects her grown daughter and her in-home caregiver. Floyd-Priskorn wields magical realism and an excellent use of a mirror to convey two sides of the titular Miriam and sprinkles in effective beats of humor to ground the story as real. It's a well-drawn family drama, and I recommend you take a look!
  • Café Americano
    31 Mar. 2024
    In CAFÉ AMERICANO, Joshua Piper spins a stylized full-length in diary entries from its two characters represented by their American homes as expats in Paris. This narrative is raw and heartfelt as Texas and San Francisco express their grief and heartache on the page and in half-scenes with other characters, but never directly to each other... They are kind strangers. I'll be very curious to see how this play is staged, but the narrative held me captive from page one, I didn't see the end of Act One plot twist coming, and the epilogue was a truly beautiful picture.
  • Merry Birthday of July
    30 Mar. 2024
    MERRY BIRTHDAY OF JULY is a fun 15-minute piece that grounds its wacky concepts, total apocalypse, and silly make-believe holiday in a melancholy, sentimental family dramedy. I'm at once sad yet hopeful at the end of this piece, which I think is precisely what Cam Eickmeyer wants the audience to feel!
  • Alma
    27 Mar. 2024
    Anyone who believes a full-length play set in the (relative) here and now can't be engaging featuring only two actors in one continuous scene and setting must drop everything and read ALMA by Benjamin Benne. This mother/daughter play is touching, poignant, and realistic all at once, covering a specific yet universal experience for many in the Latino community in the United States. Benne's stylistic formatting and verse of the dialogue adds a literary dimension to an otherwise grounded setting and well-drawn characters. I can't wait to see this one live! Perfect for a professional black box-style theater.
  • CATS and Commonalities
    25 Mar. 2024
    One of the easiest ways to a person's heart is through their movie taste, and with CATS AND COMMONALITIES, Darrin Friedman has crafted a cute, fast-paced two-hander that serves as a love letter to 80s film culture. A fun 10-minute piece that leaves you rooting for this blind date! (I also don't like CATS very much, so the exchange at the top of the play hooked me right away ;) )
  • Oh, No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun!
    25 Mar. 2024
    You only get to play Icarus once, and it's the role of a lifetime! Rand Higbee has a deliciously dark 10-minute comedy here that hits the exact right notes for what it sometimes feels like to be an actor taking method acting to a whole new level.
    25 Mar. 2024
    I thoroughly enjoyed Brent Alles' LAST KID IN THE UNIVERSE! I truly mean this in the best way possible, Brent's script is aggressively silly and is sure to be a joy for the kids who get to perform this one! A huge cast with lots of chances for young performers to shine, and an interesting juxtaposition of a super recognizable, mundane world any kid in America would recognize with the wackiness of the rest of the universe in a way like HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. The cutest, most fun apocalypse I've ever read!
  • Sex... I Don't Know
    7 Mar. 2024
    A fun, punchy, innocent-yet-self-aware-somehow (trust me, it works!) monologue for a teen! Philip captures a complete, captivating thought about sex in a monologue only slightly longer than this recommendation.