Recommended by Philip Kaplan

  • Fucking Ice
    6 May. 2022
    A poignant piece about the fragility of life as three people gather to celebrate a tragic anniversary. The characterizations are sharp, it’s well plotted and paced, and is touching.
  • The Interview
    12 Apr. 2022
    A brilliant piece that shows what’s really going on in a job interview. It manages to be both laugh out loud funny and very pointed all at the same time.
  • A Conversation About Mom
    12 Apr. 2022
    A touching two hander about Walter trying to make up with his son, Jeremy. Walter left his wife with devastating consequences, and it’s time to atone. The play is well plotted and the characters are distinct and sympathetic.
    15 Feb. 2022
    A laugh out loud comedy that continually surprises. Snappy dialogue, vivid characters and a big question. Don't underachievers deserve respect too?
  • A Farm in New Jersey
    14 Feb. 2022
    This is a lovely piece spotlighting a little known piece of African-American history and dramatizing challenges true innovators faced. Haas focuses on the human family element, as well as the social aspect. Who knew that cooking could make a difference.
  • A Dance Card
    27 Jan. 2022
    Courtship/romance/relations all economically shown in dance and rhyme. Incredibly theatrical, this begs to be staged.
  • 1,077 (The Shooter Play)
    27 Jan. 2022
    This is an amazing and unsettling play about the mind of a school shooter. In a twist on a Christmas Carol, John, a potential shooter, is shown what leads up to the shooting, the industry that encourages shootings, and the effects. While covering many sides of the issue of guns, the play never verse into stereotype, focusing on a character.
  • Witch Way Is Up - a ten minute play
    23 Jan. 2022
    A very funny take on a squabbling witches coven. Great characters, great plot, and it made me laugh.
  • The Writing Bug
    17 Jan. 2022
    This is a great two-hander that explains the compulsion to write. It's short and funny and could be catching.
  • Blindfold
    17 Jan. 2022
    A snappy and funny two-hander that will keep you guessing throughout.