Recommended by Philip Kaplan

    13 Apr. 2019
    A lovely monologue about loss, family and the impact of those left behind, full of precise devastating details.
  • Healing
    13 Apr. 2019
    A short but effective piece with a beautiful message. Let us give each other peace.
    13 Apr. 2019
    A poignant play showing the aftermath of violence with a hopeful message.
    4 Apr. 2019
    In this dystopian absurdist comedy, Claire is unemployed, along with most other Americans, because no one has a full time job anymore. She has to deal with her overbearing mother, her jealous girlfriend, the pushy wife of her father and her new job, motivating all the temps. This is a very funny, and satiric play.
  • The Other Kids Ran Away
    4 Apr. 2019
    The Other Kids Ran Away adroitly reinvents the werewolf for the modern age, with a focus on the sexual side of the werewolf and its implications. Vivid characters, fast paced, and sharp writing.
    24 Dec. 2018
    A fun taste of the future. Writing is sharp, it makes a point and it has a twist ending.
  • Slicing An Onion
    23 Dec. 2018
    A compelling and unfortunately timely monologue. It vividly brings to life the horror of a mass shooting and how faith can still triumph.
    23 Dec. 2018
    A heartbreaking monologue with an emotional wallop.
  • Interview with a Dinosaur
    23 Dec. 2018
    A funny fantasy about family secrets and dinosaurs. Full of twists.
  • Dear Anne, From Nina
    22 Dec. 2018
    This is a great play dealing with a serious subject. Through relatable characters we first see what life is like for two sisters in Iowa, which is contrasted with Anne Frank and her sister. We slowly see the horrors of the Nazis and ultimately the impact of World War II on everyone.