Recommended by Philip Kaplan

  • The Writing Bug
    17 Jan. 2022
    This is a great two-hander that explains the compulsion to write. It's short and funny and could be catching.
  • Blindfold
    17 Jan. 2022
    A snappy and funny two-hander that will keep you guessing throughout.
  • Etched in Stone
    8 Jun. 2021
    A touching play about life, love and loss. It's a wonderful example of the perspective one has over time, and how one never truly gets over loss. The characters are well drawn, and they complement and challenge each other perfectly. The piece has surprises and humor and a wonderful end.
  • Glass Slipper, Size 8 1/2
    16 Aug. 2020
    A fun play about the joys and dangers of living a fantasy life. Does your fantasy have rights. Are you the fantasy for other people. Does fantasy help or keep us from getting on with our lives. Snappy dialog and very theatrical.
  • Feeble-Minded White Trash a full length
    13 Jun. 2020
    This is a riveting play that brings the horrors of the past alive. It starts with topic of forced sterilization and family separation and shows the ramifications over thirty years. Covering a wide terrain, it still remains focused on the human element with vivid characters and great dialog.
  • A Plot to Destroy Them All
    30 May. 2020
    A very funny, genre bending play. Satiric, exciting and confusing all at once. The characters are in a race to save the world with a ludicrous plot. Very theatrical, with funny dialog and no rules. Just go along for the ride.
  • Night of the Living
    27 Jan. 2020
    A poignant and terrifying play, which manages to intertwine marital problems with zombies. It's a great two theatrical two hander, with two vivid characters dealing with the worst life can throw at them. The ending is hopeful and sad.
  • Autocorrect
    17 Dec. 2019
    A sharp, frightening work about the perils of automation combined with arrogance.
  • Merritt Anne and the Mighty Oak
    17 Nov. 2019
    A lovely poignant, well structured play about how children deal with loss, with two engaging characters.
  • Joan's Arc
    16 Nov. 2019
    A great, insightful, tightly structured play, dealing with an important issue. Issue plays can be didactic, here I was brought in by the characters and the surprising plot twists. The play paints a realistic portrait of the complexities of grief in the aftermath of an unseen school shooting. .