Recommended by Stephen Kaplan

  • Forgotten Falls - Full Length Thriller
    2 Feb. 2021
    An investigation into the domino effect of the choices we all make and the huge ramifications of these choices. Secrets upon secrets abound in this thriller about the binds and bonds of family.
  • The Meadow - 10 Minute Play
    2 Feb. 2021
    A great addition to the thriller genre with Kaminski deftly handling the twists and revelations that are inherent with mysteries. Two great roles for women that would be a delight to perform and to watch.
  • The People You Meet in Heaven
    2 Feb. 2021
    1 minute plays can be tricky to do but this play nails it with a great premise and terrific impact - very fun!
  • Ask Me Anything
    19 Dec. 2020
    Very funny with a satisfying twist that truly captures the nightmare of anyone who's ever applied for a job!
  • The Sugar Ridge Rag
    19 Dec. 2020
    Simultaneously sweeping and intimate, Williams' play dives deep into the bonds of siblings, parents, and children. He examines these often complicated and messy relationships and has created a story that shines a piercing light on the individual Granger family while also making it feel universal and about all families.
    19 Dec. 2020
    Any writer who's ever had the "privilege" of having their work read and discussed by others will get a kick out of this sadly all too accurate portrayal of how critics very often miss what's right in front of them.
  • A Life Enriching Community
    19 Dec. 2020
    It's always so refreshing to see a relationship not commonly represented on stage - in the case here, an elderly gay couple. Williams shows us the deep contours of their rich life together in this short play.
    17 Dec. 2020
    With her unique style that is reminiscent of Beckett, Churchill, and Brontë, Carnes dissects our perceptions of women and the roles they're allowed to play in society. From the very first lines she brings us into a world that is both nightmare and incredibly real. A riveting one-act with two amazing roles for women and an overall effect that stays with you long after the final curtain.
    17 Dec. 2020
    An immediately engrossing, horrifying, and brilliant fever dream of a short play that evocatively captures (as I imagine) an addict's mind under the influence. But it also zig-zags through time and feels so much bigger and wider than its short 10 pages. Simultaneously brutal and incredibly delicate - a fantastic piece.
  • SOUP: A play for videoconference
    3 Dec. 2020
    A beautiful play that perfectly captures the time we find ourselves in. Carnes quickly and effectively presents the realities of the anxiety and struggle to connect we experience as we're separated from those that we love. Her uncanny eye and ear take the seemingly mundane matters of everyday life and she spins them into perfect moments of poignancy.