Recommended by Stephen Kaplan

  • MADNESS MOST DISCREET: A Last Visit with Larry and Viv
    18 Nov. 2020
    A fascinating examination and imagining of Olivier and Leigh's final meeting. Crackling with witty repartee and devastating emotion, Hoke crafts her well-known subjects with humanity and shows a possible hidden side to them that beautifully completes their public personas. A great two-hander that actors can really sink their teeth into.
    18 Nov. 2020
    A great modern play that deals honestly and candidly with class and friendship. This all-female cast would be a great addition to a theatre's season looking for a play that is funny, smart, and incredibly moving.
  • Buffalo Baby
    18 Nov. 2020
    I always love when I learn something new from a play and Hoke's short audio play doesn't disappoint. She serves history smoothly alongside a dramatic story crackling with the obstacles of gender and science and shows us how sadly 1850 wasn't too far away from where we are today.
  • THE CROSSWORD PLAY (or Ezmeranda's Gift)
    17 Nov. 2020
    In this riveting solo show, Hoke uses the fascinating world of crossword puzzle making to show us a puzzlemaker trying to solve the puzzle of their own life. Simultaneously funny, informative, and moving, Esmeranda's Gift is a play ready for any theatre company eager to find the perfect showcase for a versatile performer.
    16 Nov. 2020
    A terrific new version of the original story. Hoke's adaptation finds freshness and vigor in this classic tale and ties the originally episodic structure together in a way that deepens the original's themes and emotional complexity. Those that love the story will fall in love with it all over again, and those who don't know it will quickly be drawn into Hoke's version with her strong characterization, dialogue, and point of view.
    9 Aug. 2020
    A great buddy-in-spite-of-themselves comedy with truly hilarious moments. Hoke's characters jump off the page and into the hearts of the reader and audience and encourage us to think about why we laugh and the importance of laughter and humor.
    5 May. 2020
    Giving voice to the often voiceless, O'Neill-Butler finds the light in the darkest of circumstances with a play about hope, resilience, and the families that we make ourselves.
  • Goldilocks Gets Adopted
    28 Apr. 2020
    A great piece for young audiences that takes a familiar story and manages to teach a wholly new and meaningful message. Quick paced and a great addition to the TYA canon.
  • UNDERFUR (co-written with Hugh Brinkley)
    20 Apr. 2020
    What an silly and adorable and subversive play this is! Edging on the border of absurdism, Carnes and Brinkley create an incredibly endearing and heartfelt relationship between a raccoon and his handler? friend? owner? human lucky or unlucky enough to be with him? There's a lot to say in this short play and it would be a delight to see it staged.
  • Camp Mannuppia: An Alt-Masc Comedy
    20 Apr. 2020
    What starts off as a seemingly straightforward camp-fest (double puns not intended), reveals an incredibly tender and heartfelt story of four teenagers searching for their place in the world. Bavoso uses his incredible skills at creating witty dialogue, outlandish situations, and larger-than-life characters to lovingly crack the questions of gender and sexual identity.