Recommended by Stephen Kaplan

  • 8 Floors and Counting
    27 May. 2022
    Such a fun piece! Really great performance opportunity for the actors, playing multiple parts, and the ending came as a hilarious and perfect surprise. A perfect addition to a 10-minute play festival looking for something that all audiences can respond to.
    20 Jul. 2021
    A dark and fever-dream view of both what women's societal views have been and could scarily become again. From the moment the play starts, it races with a fierce heartbeat and purpose to its terrifying and yet all-too-real climax. A feast for actors to play with its language and rhythms, Carnes captures a sense of nostalgia and mixes it with an insistence of the here and now.
  • The Three Sisters Brontë
    8 Jul. 2021
    A brilliant combination of the Brontës and Chekhov's Three Sisters that illuminates each. Fantastic roles for actors (especially the women) and would be a perfect show for any theatre looking for a piece that lives comfortably alongside the "classics." Those that are familiar with Chekhov's play will get a kick out of how Hutton seamlessly replaces the moors for the "not Moscow" town and it makes you wonder if Chekhov had really had the three sisters Brontë in mind when he wrote his play. I can't wait to see this play done!
  • And the Four Last Things
    24 Jun. 2021
    I had read the first 20 pages in a writer's group and immediately knew I wanted to read the full play. A fascinating story told in an incredibly theatrical manner. It keeps you wondering and guessing as to how things will turn out for Dyson and his ultimate fate. Inventive and constantly surprising.
  • Grown-Ass Louis
    10 Feb. 2021
    One of the best ten-minute plays I've ever read. It astonishes me how much is packed into this tiny and beautiful piece that had me laughing, gasping, and gutted by the end. Wonderful.
  • Wires Crossed
    9 Feb. 2021
    A very funny short play about technology and our obsession with discovering what people really mean. A great blend of sci-fi that feels perfectly realistic and plausible.
  • Faking Glory
    8 Feb. 2021
    A lovely play with great roles for young actors. Costa nails the angst, humor, and vitality of her characters and makes an audience feel as if we're just flies on the wall watching life play out.
  • Forgotten Falls - Full Length Thriller
    2 Feb. 2021
    An investigation into the domino effect of the choices we all make and the huge ramifications of these choices. Secrets upon secrets abound in this thriller about the binds and bonds of family.
  • The Meadow - 10 Minute Play
    2 Feb. 2021
    A great addition to the thriller genre with Kaminski deftly handling the twists and revelations that are inherent with mysteries. Two great roles for women that would be a delight to perform and to watch.
  • The People You Meet in Heaven
    2 Feb. 2021
    1 minute plays can be tricky to do but this play nails it with a great premise and terrific impact - very fun!