Christopher Soucy

Christopher Soucy

Chris Soucy is an Asian-American actor, puppeteer, director, screenwriter, and playwright living in Savannah, Georgia. He has been writing for stage and screen for over 20 years.


  • Hook in Hell
    Captain Hook and Smee ponder their place in the universe.
  • Don't Let Them See You

    BILLY, an Asian American, tries to trace the root of his issues with his race.
  • Spooky U Chronicles: Extra Credit
    Four friends at Miskatonic University decide to try an odd extracurricular activity.
  • TKO
    A boxer tries to hold on to more than just his title

  • Elephant Dance
    Do we love the animal, or do we love what we think about them?
  • They Call Me Tony
    A tiger is a tiger.
  • The Alley
    10 minute play
    An office worker must contend with their callousness.

    Characters can be portrayed by any adult age/gender/ethnicity
  • The Mediator
    5 minute play
    A man comes face to face with an unexpected mediator trying to settle a dispute.
  • Good Mourning
    FULL LENGTH When an unknown woman disrupts a funeral with an outburst of emotions the grieving family is caught entirely off guard. But when she shows up at the family’s home, the mystery surrounding her deepens.
  • Intrusive Thoughts
    FULL LENGTH Jason and Kate find themselves consumed by the notion of casual immortality. Their newfound philosophy is much to the dismay of friends and family.
  • The Absurdity of It All
    70-90 minute FULL LENGTH
    Ranzo struggles to assert nonsense in a world that will not allow it.
  • The Hollow Fool
    FULL-LENGTH A fool struggles to get back home after a disastrous turn in the army. Feste, an accidental hero, gets word that his former master has died and vows to return home to Illyria. Along the way he encounters Touchstone living in the wilderness with his wife, Lear's clown, who taught him everything he knows about fooling, and King Trinculo who is bewildered by his unprecedented authority.
  • The Op
    FULL-LENGTH STAGE COMBAT A black op mission goes awry when the operatives begin to question what their mission is really about.
  • The Great Tinsel War of 1979
    Ten Minutes
    A look at one of history's most overlooked conflicts.
  • How Much Do You Love Me?
    10 minute play

    Simon and Maggie have a heart-to-heart on the eve of a planned act of violence,
  • The Box
    15 minute play
    A couple finds a mysterious box in their apartment.
  • Mundane Miracles
    an interview with a young man being committed to a mental health facility.
  • The Court of Public Opinion
    FULL LENGTH When ALEX tells his lifelong friends JUDE and JESSIE that he has taken on a controversial case, old secrets and long-suffering outrages surface.
  • Cyrano's Forte
    UPDATED 12/03/2022
    A play in verse. The events that occurred between the 4th and 5th acts of CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Cyrano takes on a fencing student who becomes like a son to him.
  • The Bar At The End of Forever
    Being a geek I wrote this geeky musical. A bar where time travelers wind up. A geeky homage to a genre that has many a twist and turn.
  • Savannah Ghost Tour: The Musical
    FULL LENGTH A musical trip through the haunted history of Savannah
  • The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe disappeared four days before his death. In the cloud of mystery surrounding these days Poe's most famous creations come to torment and hunt him.
  • Bound For Glory
    Inspector Marius has been charged with following and reporting the crimes of the Marquis De Sade. During the course of his investigation he learns more about himself, life, and the curious nature of freedom.
  • The Last
    Simon is a serial killer facing execution in one day. He wants to make it clear why he did what he did.
  • The Midnight Cafe
    A small, all-night cafe stands near the killing grounds of a supernatural slasher.
  • Another True Ghost Story
    Another tale from a lifetime of chasing ghosts.
  • A True Ghost Story
    Based on a real encounter.
  • Romance in History
    Reggie is a professor teaching a class on influential couples throughout history.
  • Afterthought
    15-minute play. Some loves last lifetimes.
  • Penny Ransom
    10 minute play. A kidnapping gone wrong, or very, very right.
  • Santa vs. the Plotholes
    Santa is caught on Christmas eve
  • Almighty Shame
    Mr. Z needs a job.
  • To the Class of Miskatonic University 2022
    Shelby speaks at MU's graduation
  • Shower Issues
    Some apartments come with more issues than others
  • Redacted
    MONOLOGUE A man remembers an incident that he isn't allowed to talk about.
  • An Evening with Nyarlathotep
    SHORT An interview with the most approachable of the Elder Gods.
  • Half Full, Half Empty
    A man struggles with a future he isn't prepared for
  • Financial Aid at Spooky U
    The financial aid office at Miskatonic University is a no-nonsense place.
  • I Know Kung Fu
    A Korean American man recalls his first experience with martial arts.
  • Dirk Savagewood and the Mad Scientist
    SHORT RADIO DRAMA Hard boiled private eye, Dirk Savagewood takes on a new client and whole lot of trouble.
  • Buried Treasure
    MONOLOGUE Jessie reflects on her relationship with her husband and the secret she's kept from him.
  • Winning
    MONOLOGUE Alex wrestles with his obsession with winning.
  • The Real Estate
    MONOLOGUE Jude ponders the nature of his long embattled relationship with his wife.
    MONOLOGUE a lawyer lays down his case against the United States government.
  • Panic
    10 MINUTE PLAY When a mishap in a lab leads to unfortunate results, the administrators must contain the threat and maintain calm.
  • Captain Vigor Saves the City
    MONOLOGUE A superhero takes a moment to assess his life.
  • Doctor Disorder Threatens the World
    MONOLOGUE The nefarious Doctor Disorder plans to blow up Over City.
  • Spooky U Chronicles: Disorientation
    Welcome to Miskatonic University. Learn how it got it's nickname, Spooky U
  • Spooky U Chronicles: Dr. Burton's Notes
    MONOLOGUE Dr. L. C. Burton shares notes taken during odd encounters at a curse ivy league school.
  • The Lady or The Tiger?
    When a man is asked to choose between two doors hiding either the lady he loves or a ferocious tiger, it is up to the man's wife to guide him to safety.
  • An Apple A Day
    5 MINUTE PLAY Waking up in a hospital room, a young woman must explain why she attempted to swallow an apple whole.
  • Miss Communication
    In a world where everyone is connected no one is making connections.
  • Cassandra: A Steampunk Romance
    When genius inventor Sebastian Mead hires a mysterious dressmaker to craft th most exquisite creation she has ever attempted, ghosts and nightmares haunt the halls of the mansion. Is Cassandra a mere dressmaker? Or does she have secrets far more dangerous than anyone could imagine?
  • The People vs. The Supreme Court
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Kensington Case
    Sherlock Holmes is pulled out of retirement to investigate a case that eluded the super sleuth years earlier. The baffling case of the Darling children of Kensington Park who went missing one night and inexplicably returned some time later with a half dozen other children. To Sherlock’s dismay, the children could only talk of pirates, fairies, and a peculiar flying boy named Peter Pan. IN THREE EPISODES
  • Dear Mr. Clemens
    Helen Keller made many friends in her lifetime, but none like Mark Twain.
  • Final Scene
    The last moments of a horror movie live onstage.
  • The Devil and De Sade
    The Marquis De Sade speaks to the man sent to arrest him.
  • The King in Yellow
    A small theater company attempts to produce a cursed play.
  • Time Between
    Prompt 28
    28 Days Later
  • Time Between
    Prompt 28
    28 Days Later
  • 5 Johns
    prompt 27
    28 plays later
  • Sainthood Revoked
    Prompt 25
    28 plays later
  • Hellbound Helen
    Prompt 25
    28 Plays Later
  • Eve's Redemption
    prompt 24
    28 plays later
  • Canteen Cup
    Prompt 23
    28 plays later
  • Time and Truth
    prompt 22
    28 Plays Later
  • Mass Shooting
    prompt 21
    28 plays later
    Prompt 19
    28 Plays Later
  • Chatty
    prompt 20
    28 Plays Later
  • Be Your Own Boss
    28 Plays Later prompt 18
  • At Long Last The Story Of How Captain Hook Came To Be
    28 plays later prompt 17
  • Prompt 16
    28 days later… just trying to keep my head above water!
  • Jack of No Trades
    Jack the Ripper stalks his 6th victim. Or is it the other way around?
  • Killer Opportunity
    Blech... wanted to take a shower after writing this one. Read at your own risk! Trigger warnings - all of them (except animals, no animal cruelty)

    day 12 prompt 28 plays later
  • Never Out Of Styles
    Musical day 11 28 plays later
  • Before He Was Doomed
    Day 10 28 plays later
  • Noh More War
    A soldier's story in the style of Japanese Noh theater. Prompt 8 28 Plays Later
  • Strauss
    These are all weird. Day 8 28 days later
  • Drink Thou Off
    prompt 7 28 plays later
  • Yes?
    I don't know... something...
  • Sphinxter
    Some riddles are better left unsolved.
  • Identically
    A strange woman approaches a man in a park with an outlandish claim.
  • Story Worthy
    A Korean-American man thinks about his early influences.
  • Now is on fire
    a one time only production
  • Time to Talk
    A chance meeting in a park
  • The 42nd Reality
    How do you stop a never-ending cycle of destruction and rebirth? Mitchel knows. But is it enough to save us all?
  • The 42nd Reality
    How do you stop a never-ending cycle of destruction and rebirth? Mitchel knows. But is it enough to save us all?