Recommended by Christopher Soucy

  • Gemini: Lessons in Self-Love
    1 Mar. 2024
    Is there such a thing as too close for soul mates. Yes. The answer is yes. Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn gives us an eloquent portrayal of the notion that we do not complete one another, we complement one another. You must have two whole people to have a working relationship, not pieces that form into one.
  • 28 Brains Later - A 5-Minute Play
    28 Feb. 2024
    Brava! Ending on a high note. A brainy note… a brains…, braaaaaains…. Braaaaaaaains….
  • ART-ificial Intelligence - A 5-Minute Play
    25 Feb. 2024
    Chilling portrayal of whimper that will end the world in place of the bang. Debra Coles has given us a glimpse at our near present and it is bleak. There’s a lot going on in the few pages of this script. Timely and foreboding.
  • Last Day – A One-Minute Play
    24 Feb. 2024
    Ooo. I like the “turn about is fair play” ending of this portrait of corporate methodology at work. Or, more accurately, not at work. Great minute of drama.
  • Devil’s Advocate - ONE MINUTE PLAY
    23 Feb. 2024
    Clever, pitch perfect skewering of the misunderstood fallen angel. Debra Cole makes a compelling defense argument for the prince of darkness.
  • The Old Railroad
    16 Feb. 2024
    Some traditions sneak up on you. They become common in our life through a casual recognition of their significance. And oftentimes we only sense there power when we don’t do them. Scott Sickles gives us a quiet moment of reflection that emphasizes the importance of personal traditions.
  • Day Shift of the Dead
    16 Feb. 2024
    Hilarious! It’s easy to forget that the apocalypse won’t just end the meaningless machinations of a defunct society. There needs to be more stories told in the in-between time of outbreak and dystopian wastelands. Great short play !
  • DISSONANCE – A 1-Minute Play
    15 Feb. 2024
    Harmony. Discord. All elements of balance. What should be and what is often ring uncomfortable in the ear. Deb Cole has given us a panic attack in the form of a failing instrument in a frightening symphony.
  • Moniker (a monologue)
    13 Feb. 2024
    I feel like Scott Sickles has reached into my brain and typed out a whole play around the very tight monologue he has presented here. A marvel of intrigue that invites the reader to speculate in a million directions at once. What an enticing premise for imaginations to go wild with.
  • Tink in the Clink
    10 Feb. 2024
    Tink has a mean streak and she definitely tried to ax Wendy the first time she showed up in Neverland. This is the logical progression of Tinkerbell’s obsessive behavior. Dana Hall gives us a tough, hardened Tinkerbell that no one should mess with.