Recommended by Bailey Jordan Garcia

    28 May. 2024
    Beautifully haunting. A deep dive into debilitating depression, that's also filled with horror and humor. Kyle A. Smith creates this incredibly intriguing bond between our two leads that weighs the "want" to help vs the feeling of "needing" to. And the creepiest description of a monster under the bed that I'd love nothing more but to see staged. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
  • The Play at the Bottom of a Wishing Well
    28 May. 2024
    What does it mean to be stuck? With yourself? Another person? Two other people? And what do we owe to each other, both in the well and outside of it. A beautifully funny and existential piece that entrances you while making you ask the big questions all within a few minutes. Masterfully done.
  • Boy My Greatness
    15 Mar. 2024
    Just saw Firebird's production of this masterful piece and I was blown away. The piece is filled with rich characters who you immediately take to, exploring sexuality, gender, and overall place in the world. Senese-Grossberg has created a world that you simply long to live inside of for as long as possible. Highly, highly recommended.
  • Grindr Police
    8 Mar. 2024
    Absolutely hilarious. A worse nightmare in many senses executed to perfection. My jaw dropped at the twist and I couldn't stop laughing. Would love to see this staged (or as a prologue in a full length???). Loved it.
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jack Kissinger
    8 Mar. 2024
    Such a beautifully rendered and sweet piece. The play *moves* -- in a kind of thrilling way that you wouldn't expect from a game entitled "7 minutes in heaven*. It's crazy how instantly we fall in love with these characters. A brilliant piece!
  • Hands Of Fate
    8 Mar. 2024
    A whole complicated, complex, heartbreaking, and sweet story in a mere 10 minutes. Hall captures the complexities around being queer in an unaccepting household -- without the screaming and the crying. This play lives in the quiet moments and does so exquisitely.
  • Little Black Dress
    4 Mar. 2024
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. To have a play filled with so much internal conflict and met with nothing but love, is so joyous. Not to leave out the fact that the dialogue is gorgeous on top of these characters who we absolutely love and root for. And one more time for good measure... beautiful.
  • Right Field of Dreams
    4 Mar. 2024
    A hilarious short piece that takes you on a heartfelt journey at the same time. Kaplan aptly explores Tim's journey of how to declare his self-expression to the one that matters most through baseball references theatre goers will adore. A home run in every sense.
  • The Prince's Shadow
    4 Mar. 2024
    A heartbreakingly gorgeous farewell when duties call and life must be lived by societies standards. Blevins takes these characters who we thought we knew and gives them new, beautiful life. An excellent read even without knowledge of Henry V!
  • Crossing an Ocean (MONOLOGUE)
    4 Mar. 2024
    A beautifully rendered short monologue about how we love. Fenton's language is absolutely gorgeous and leaves you a little weepier then when you began.