Recommended by Daniel Damiano

  • #Bastille
    26 Mar. 2020
    A taut, brisk and sharp satire on our hashtag age.
  • Other People's Happiness
    26 Mar. 2020
    A warm, affectionate piece exploring the dynamics between a long-married couple and their son and daughter, and the effect that their own marital realization has on themselves and the family as a whole. Moving and honestly told.
    29 Feb. 2020
    A hoot of a monologue, identifiable for any theatre practicioner or audience.
  • Williston
    29 Feb. 2020
    I saw this in NYC and enjoyed the power dynamic of the three characters. The piece addresses the desperation of a life in sales and the duplicity that often exists in order for one to survive. Humorous, engaging and unsettling.
  • The Last Ballgame
    2 Oct. 2019
    A sweet short. Whether you're savvy about baseball or not, the piece tells a simple tale, centering on a baseball announcer at the end of his broadcasting career, in an amusing and brisk way.
  • Hotel Mayflower
    4 Aug. 2019
    An intriguing meeting between a young William Burroughs and the legendary German writer, Ernst Toller, is at the center of this clever what-if play, which takes the fact-based account of the meeting itself and invents the content of what may have been said in Toller's room at the Mayflower in 1939. The play provides insight into two individuals from vastly different backgrounds in a compelling way.
  • Perfecting the Kiss: a mockumentary for the stage
    28 May. 2019
    A theatrical farce with genuine heart that manages to sustain its brisk comedic pace while also managing to create endearing characters."
  • Catch the Butcher
    10 Aug. 2018
    A cleverly twisted dark (stress the dark) comedy, involving a serial killer's abduction of a young woman. Just when you think the play's broodingly intense opening will lead to an unrelenting, horror-filled chasm, you are surprised by the turn it takes.
  • The Diplomats
    28 Apr. 2018
    Caught this as part of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival. An engaging and amusing piece which focuses on the relationship of 3 friends from varying backgrounds which becomes tested through a series of steadily escalating arguments regarding race, culture and political identification. The dialogue is fluid and moves the story along well, and the characters are able to ultimately rise over the subject matter to create a more substantial tale.
  • The Tragedy of Dandelion
    21 Apr. 2018
    Clever, classically inspired, but not usurped by it's style due to the thoughtfulness of the writing and endearing characters.