Recommended by Jordan Elizabeth Henry

  • Age Before Beauty
    29 Aug. 2019
    This is an excellent little play full of humor, conflict, and terrific interactions between two very different female characters. Hageman nails personification and infuses so much drama and heart into such a small space. Hageman is a playwright to watch!
  • Different, a monologue
    23 Aug. 2019
    One of the most brilliant parts of this short monologue play by Goldman-Sherman is that Dosia could be anyone, and her box could be anything, which makes this piece feel so universal. At the same time, it has a specificity that you may not expect from a piece so universal. I love the repetition of "Is the box I'm watching watching me" -- it takes on different layers of meaning each time it repeats. A lovely short by a lovely writer.
  • Come Here
    18 Aug. 2019
    This short by Soltero-Brown is both chilling and beautifully-composed. Once again, he's able to collapse a situation down to one vital component, and then expand it, moment by moment. This play should be performed again and again until the children are released and the families are reunited; and after, it will undoubtedly serve as a theatrical piece that reminds us of the stain of this period on our national history.
    15 Aug. 2019
    Another killer short from Rachael Carnes. As per usual, Carnes lays on the humor and wit in the best possible way. This play is quick, funny, quirky, and so fun to read. I love the way that the sexual tension between Cagney and Lacey is woven throughout the interrogation. I would love to see this play performed.
  • The Pretenders
    13 Aug. 2019
    I really enjoyed this thoughtful play from Diaz-Marcano. He has such a deft hand with character, and it was a real delight to watch these three characters evolve over a short time. Marly is super cringe-worthy at times, and I loved seeing the very different responses from Willi and Lori. Another lovely piece of theatre from NDM!
  • BLACK HOLE!!! A One-Minute Play for Kids
    10 Aug. 2019
    This play made me feel so happy. Asher has such a specific style and wit. There's so much intelligence packed into this tiny theatre piece -- I would say it's hard to believe it would be possible to put so much in such a short space, but I've read enough of Asher's work to know this brilliance is par for the course.
  • Ash Tree
    20 May. 2018
    What a gorgeous play: it's dreamy, fantastical, magical, poetic. A TYA piece that is also accessible for adult audiences, which is a real challenge. ASH TREE would be an exciting challenge for a creative team: lighting designers, set designers, costumers, and an exciting cast of characters. I would love to see a production of this play.
  • A Murther of Crows
    20 May. 2018
    A MURTHER OF CROWS is fun, exciting, and sweet -- an extremely accessible period piece that had me guessing from one moment to the next. I was truly on the edge of my seat. Edie is an amazing bad-ass, and Joan is so wonderful (all of those weapons hidden in her skirt!) I'm a huge fan.
  • Always
    20 May. 2018
    So moving, so honest, so sweet -- I instantly fell in love with these two characters. As with so many of Bykowski's other plays, the relationships between the characters are visceral, immediate, and rich; but she also gives us layers to uncover that make her work exciting no matter how many times you encounter it.
  • In Alabama
    20 May. 2018
    A loving, moving portrait of a young civil rights activist in the 50s through a series of vignettes from her life and work. The conflict between Juliette and her mother, Lila, is immediate and specific while also representing a larger corporate struggle throughout the country. The last moment of this play was so delicate, supernatural, and poetic -- I would love to see this in production.