Recommended by Brian Rust

  • Little Timmy Fell Down the Well Again
    30 Oct. 2023
    You know you're in for a good time when you're not even through the character descriptions and you're already grinning. This is excellent, to the point where I want to see these characters recur in other situations. I would watch a whole night of plays where this cast tackles different genres.
  • The Cooterville Caper: A Western Noir in Five Episodes
    26 Sep. 2023
    I have a LOT of feelings about this play! It has some of the best wordplay and physical comedy I've seen in a long time, there was a surprise on every page, and I'm torn between wanting eagerly to see it performed and feeling like the character of Leonard would be honestly physically unsettling to watch.
  • Possessed by the Ex
    21 Jul. 2023
    This is the sort of comedic, juicy script that's like a birthday gift for the actors. I loved the plot twists, and while 'fun for all ages' is a trite way to put it, there really is something here that everyone in the audience can enjoy for different reasons.
  • Big Brad Wolf
    31 Mar. 2023
    It is a fun play until we hit the song and dance number...and then it becomes a GREAT play. I want to see this staged!
  • The Ball
    6 Feb. 2023
    This is like finding a little gem! There are parts--the letter, the mime with the drinking--that actors would LOVE to sink their teeth into.