Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

    8 Sep. 2020
    A thought-provoking page-turner with quite a few twists and surprises. The dialogue is so well constructed and the banter between the characters is so natural that when the twists come they are extra powerful. A well-crafted one-act that is bound to be featured in a lot of festivals. Well done!
  • Messages
    3 Sep. 2020
    A thought-compelling and gripping short play. Mr. Sapio takes a topic that has always fascinated the public (message in a bottle) and combines it with a current important topic (pollution). The characters have natural banter and he took the piece in a direction I wasn't expecting. A great read!
    2 Sep. 2020
    Ms. Carnes creates such a compelling narrative in just 11 pages. The characters and the entire situation feels so real that I found myself frantically turning the pages to see what happened next. The way the tension, and by extension, the suspense builds is very natural and gripping. I was hooked! Great job!
  • Breath
    30 Aug. 2020
    Ms. West does a wonderful job creating real, multi-dimensional characters in just ten short pages. The dialogue flows really well, the relationship between the two is gripping, and she does a great job making you smile while pulling at your heartstrings. Well done!
  • First Born
    28 Aug. 2020
    Cristina Luzarraga has an excellent command of dialogue. The script is very funny with a lot of setups and payoffs sprinkled throughout. It's also really interesting to see the dynamics between the two generations and how they play off each other. Well done!
  • The Pearl, one-act play
    27 Aug. 2020
    Joe PRAML does a wonderful job setting the scene and crafting realistic, witty, and compelling dialogue. His ability to mix drama with comedy and reality with magical realism is very impressive. A fun and engaging script from start to finish!
  • The Kiss
    10 Jul. 2020
    As someone interested in WW2 history, I found this to be a very moving (and funny) take on such an iconic photo. The dialogue is natural, the setting is simple, and the three characters have such a natural banter and chemistry with one another. Well done!
  • Casting
    26 Jun. 2020
    A really unique and funny take on a serious subject. Ms. Floyd-Priskorn effectively uses the piece as a commentary on how shallow society can be. Theatre-lovers, especially actors who have ever experienced a daunting audition process, will be able to relate and digest the message at the same time. Well done!