Recommended by Tom Moran

  • Advanced Feature ( 10 min. ZOOM online play)
    5 May. 2022
    Just heard this at a playreading and it went over gangbusters. A really fun script that energetically pokes fun at Zoom while taking clever advantage of some of its features (backgrounds especially) to make the piece work.
  • Misfortune
    17 Feb. 2022
    A solid entry into the "omigod I need to get out of this date" pantheon, which veers off in a pleasantly unexpected direction at the end. Good fun and lots of laughs as the male lead talks himself deeper and deeper into a hole with both his date and the audience. And kudos for coming up with a truly ridiculous sub-sub-sub-genre of fanboyism. L.I.W. would be proud.
    13 Feb. 2022
    A compelling mix of humor and pathos, this uses Orson Welles' celebrated Paul Masson period as the springboard to the broken-down actor reflecting on happier days. In the larger sense, it's a poignant story about the impermanence of fame and how hard it can be to put aside past glories and accept the present for what it is.
    12 Feb. 2022
    A tender and honest monologue, lovingly and sweetly told. Not to mention an interesting rumination on the different ways we interpret pop culture and how it can shape us in ways we don't even understand, at least at the time.
    12 Feb. 2022
    Through a Pythonesque progression of ideas that start out small and well-meaning and grow larger and more defensive, a Hamlet production morphs into something unrecognizable (but, to say the least, intriguing.) There are laugh lines galore as we watch everything spin delightfully out of control. Dry as a bone and an all-around hoot.
  • Top Shelf Tolstoy
    4 Feb. 2022
    A great satire. Like the best 10-minute plays, it takes an absurd idea and runs with it. A well-constructed three-hander with effortless exchanges, the promise of good stage spectacle via some terrible dancing, and a perfect final line. As a side note, my town actually has a bar called "The Library," though they don't check out books (yet.)
  • Sputnik
    4 Feb. 2022
    A fascinating, polished story of a little-known civil rights hero. The plain language and not-quite-a-monologue structure are well-suited to the subject matter; a solid and important story, well-told.
  • The Antelope Party
    1 Feb. 2022
    I certainly didn't see this one coming: what starts out as a piece about a genial group of Bronies and Pegasisters turns into descent into a rising current of authoritarianism/fascism/racism. At times hilarious and terrifying, it's a riveting look at the ways people get sucked into causes and subgroups, some benign, some malicious. Good stuff and I expect it comes across even better on stage.
  • It's Really Very Simple
    17 Jan. 2022
    It's very easy to write a play about writer's block, but can be pretty hard to write an engaging one. Levine succeeds by adopting an absurdist, magical-realist premise and running with it. It's great fun and would be a very enjoyable (and unpredictable) piece to see on stage. And it ends on an excellent note.
  • Tits
    17 Jan. 2022
    A play that lives up to a great title. A funny concept that keeps building on itself with some solid sight gags, unexpected guests, and killer one-liners. Breezy in the best way (and some great character descriptions to boot.)