Recommended by Tom Moran

  • One Night at the Golden Boot
    16 May. 2023
    This cute, tight relationship piece is couched in some clever and endearing meta-puns, making for an endearing combo of warm fuzzies and knowing laughter.
  • I'm Gonna Need You to Log off for Me
    15 May. 2023
    This fun, well-constructed piece has an interesting take on AI, characterizing it as basically a blameless entity manipulated by the real enemies: tech bros. Not sure whether I agree, but it's a fresh and entertaining take on the ethical crisis du jour.
  • Interventions
    11 May. 2023
    Funny, brisk, and charming throughout, Lam takes a great concept and carries it through to fruition. Kudos for being able to tell this rather complex story in the 10-minute format, which keeps it from potentially bogging down in time-travel logic.
  • Chainmail
    10 May. 2023
    A fascinating, very theatrical piece that blends the fantasy and real worlds beautifully and does both of them justice.
  • Confirmation Bias
    9 May. 2023
    A poignant encounter between two well-drawn characters at a pivotal moment, this epitomizes what a 10-minute play can accomplish. Wholly believable and quite engrossing.
    8 May. 2023
    A breezy, supremely silly voyage through all things Star Trek. Enough Trek-specific content to keep fanboys delighted, couched in enough general goofiness to entertain casual fans. Would be a hoot on stage.
  • Portrait of a Demolitionist
    7 May. 2023
    Playing Chutes and Ladders against an anthropomorphized painting is an interest way to analogize wrestling with one's conscience, and Shlictman does a good job of taking this intriguing idea and running with it. The idea works well for creating conflict and discussion and it would be great to see staged, especially the first few pages when Angelique the painting reveals herself as a character.
    6 May. 2023
    A very clever premise for a play that absolutely pays off in the end. With good fun along the way.
  • Put Asunder: A Ten-Minute Play
    5 May. 2023
    A frenetic piece that benefits from a breakneck pace and some very clever comedic repetition. There were not one but two plot twists I didn't see coming, which is impressive for a ten-minute play. And it really sticks the landing. Good fun.
    5 May. 2023
    I've seen elves portrayed in lots of different ways, but never before as well-meaning home invaders. Lermond's Marvin the Elf is a joy to read, mainly because his brusque and terse style conflict heavily with our general concepts of elfdom (and presumably with his cutesy costume.) Would make for a compellingly offbeat addition to any Christmas show.