Recommended by Tom Moran

  • Mute Me Baby, One More Time
    21 Jul. 2021
    A winning time capsule of the early days on shelter-in-place. I enjoyed the indeterminacy of the piece - yes, it's a horribly awkward "date," but never irredeemably so, and both participants end it in a state of limbo about the future- which makes for a fine microcosm of COVID as a whole. A sound, endearing and funny entry into the Zoom play genre.
  • AliceGraceAnon
    7 May. 2021
    A sprawling, incredibly theatrical, engrossing trip through the 60s, courtesy of three parallel stories intricately intertwined. I particularly admired the workmanship of the first section, in which each third of the stage tells a different story, yet all three are clearly linked thematically and occasionally through language as well. It would be easy for the play to lose momentum after such a memorable start, but the continual introduction of crucial characters, motivations and revelations keep it brisk and involving throughout. Would love to see this magic on stage.
  • The People You Meet in Heaven
    16 Apr. 2021
    A solid little gem of a one-minute play that ends on a wonderful twist - which is perhaps the greatest thing a one-minute piece can aspire to.
  • The Early Flight
    15 Apr. 2021
    A very fun take on an old idea. The trope of the husband trying to catch his wife in an affair is a tired one (as the play points out) but Evan's unusual motivation for the maneuver makes this a different story altogether, one livened up by sharp and believable exchanges, absurdist details about single life, and a pitch-perfect ending.
  • Garbage City Heroes
    15 Apr. 2021
    Bill and Ted meet 1984 in this brief, taut parable about dystopian rebellion and rock and roll. The story advances at a breakneck pace yet still finds time to build out the peculiar details of this garbage world, I was particularly impressed by some of the characters' unusual speech patterns, which underscore the surreality of the whole enterprise. It all leads to a conclusion that somehow both triumphant and deeply uncertain.
  • Third Person Limited
    14 Apr. 2021
    A clever, sharply-written take on self-absorption. Funkhouser takes a funny premise, expands on it, and runs it through to a logical and satisfying conclusion. An entertaining read and, I expect, this would be very fun to see staged as well.
  • Alaskan Assassins [all-male cast]
    13 Apr. 2021
    Holy cow. An impressively ridiculous script that dives headfirst into rhyme, assonance, consonance, and all the other 'nances. The plot is slight but who cares, this is a marvelously singsong piece that would be a joy to watch (or just listen to), especially if the whole cast slips into hardboiled detective cadence - which I assume is the idea. What fun!
  • Canseco's Cryptid Crew
    6 Apr. 2021
    Kudos to Baughfman for finding dramatic inspiration in an unlikely and yet obviously fertile place. A well-executed idea that uses a downright surreal turn of events to feed the rising action and supply the climax. Clever and funny, and love the title too.
  • Release the Karen!
    31 Mar. 2021
    A fantastic title and a silly, pun-filled play that lives up to it. It may be set 2300 years ago but The Karen is as terrifying then as she is today.
  • Time Travelers Can Apply Yesterday
    31 Mar. 2021
    More confusing than "Tenet" and much funnier. Busser's head-spinning premise leads to a play that is hilariously befuddling, and it's a hoot to be along for the ride.