Recommended by Tom Moran

    31 Dec. 2019
    Wonderful subversion of the masked hero genre. Shades of the Princess Bride in its mixing of a quasi-medieval setting with high comedy. Absurdist and compelling at the same time, and some terrific lyrics to boot.
    18 Dec. 2019
    The ridiculous story of Hollywood's worst director, told in compelling fashion. The songs are great - would love to see this staged - and the structure, featuring narration by a suitably pompous Orson Welles, raises the piece above mere biopic. I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to the film (still my favorite Tim Burton movie) but I needn't have worried; while this covers much of the same territory, its take is fresh and endearing. As it turns out, there's enough crazy in Ed Wood's life to support multiple works.
    18 Dec. 2019
    Pointed, trenchant, and toeing a line between overt satire and sorta-almost-believable, this play hits all the right notes. Plenty of laugh lines, a terrific and telling soliluquy, a wonderful and well-timed reveal that raises the comic stakes considerably, and a great coda at the end make this one pretty much pitch-perfect.
    16 Dec. 2019
    A hysterical retelling of the ghost Hamlet’s exhortation of his son that managed to be thoroughly modern while still staying true to the original characters. Laughs throughout, and especially benefits from an excellent twist at the end as well as a killer coda. Great fun.
    10 Dec. 2019
    A play that starts out small and ends up tackling the biggest topic of all, our connections to one another. Also plenty of awkward and absurd laughs along the way.
  • The Last Ballgame
    10 Dec. 2019
    One of the more evocative elements of baseball is its lack of a game clock, and Higbee seizes on that to write a charming, wistful short about growing old and packing it in (or perhaps not.) What shines in this play is the affection for the game and the spot-on play-by-play - it feels authentic even as the events of the piece grow more unlikely (albeit still plausible.) Good to the last out.
  • Here's Your Sandwich
    10 Dec. 2019
    It's hard to make an entertaining piece about a writer trying to write and failing (and who hasn't written one of those?), but this one works because of the unexpected and reality-bending conclusion. Engaging, amusing, and cleverly meta.
  • A Life Enriching Community
    10 Dec. 2019
    Sweet, tender, and charming, a play that rolls along on the strength of the two characters' obvious affection for each other and the steady stream of revelations that fill out the themes of the piece. About a gay couple, but really just about any two lovers facing the highs and lows of growing older together.
  • Ask Me Anything
    10 Dec. 2019
    What seems like a simple job interview is anything but in this wonderfully sculpted, uproarious short piece. Williams does a good job ratcheting up the humor while still leaving the audience guessing as to what the hell is going on. All of which pays off in a terrific reveal at the end.
  • Bulldozers
    19 Jun. 2019
    A wonderfully witty combination of the mundane (a neighborhood meeting), the despicable (runaway eminent domain), and the unexpected (just what the hell is that wolf doing there?). Romero has crafted a dark, funny-sad play that, delightfully, also happens to rely on heavy audience involvement. So if you want to give your audience members a chance to stand up and fight City Hall, or at least to cuss it out, "Bulldozers" is the play for you.