Recommended by Tom Moran

  • Elvis is Dead - Saving the world takes time.
    12 Mar. 2021
    A fun time-travel romp with some solid laugh lines, not to mention a testament to the eternal usefulness of librarians.
  • Skid Marks
    11 Mar. 2021
    A poignant piece about the things we say when we're too scared to get to the point. It's a poignant, spot-on piece with great buildup, some very fluid and often very funny dialogue ("just drink your salsa and go" is a favorite), and a level-jumping twist at the end that feels inevitable in retrospect, as the best twists do.
  • How to Be a Widow
    11 Mar. 2021
    A candid, concise look at self-actualization through the eyes of two Civil War widows fumbling for their identities. The language is all very modern, making for an interesting mix of period mores and current lingo suggesting a place out of time. A funny, insightful and ultimately very satisfying 17 pages.
  • Hotter Than Thoreau
    11 Mar. 2021
    A charming little piece about two men whose Grinder date goes off in an unexpected direction. A winning combination of sexy and sentimental, with some funny lines and bawdy repartee wrapped in a warm fuzzy. Also perfectly titled.
  • The Roommate
    7 Sep. 2020
    A timely and trenchant take on our current catastrophe, it's a Seventh Seal (or maybe Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) for our time. Good and ominous fun, with gradual revelation of detail and a clever ending.
    30 Mar. 2020
    A sweet, charming romp that succeeds on the basis of witty character humor underlying a richly realized conceit. The human story is compelling, but it's the dynamic between the two dogs that really pushes "All Bark, No Bite" over the top: Eugene's aloof intellectualism is consistently hilarious (and reminds me more than a little of my own dog) while Bella perfectly encapsulates the flighty charm of the younger canine set. My only disappointment is in knowing what the schtick is before reading, and thus not getting the chance to figure out Eugene's identity for myself.
  • Reptilians
    2 Feb. 2020
    A well-structured, naturalistic piece that builds up to a fun and unexpected twist at the end.
  • It's an Espresso Drink with Foamy Steamed Milk
    2 Feb. 2020
    Self-absorption reaches its logical extreme in this two-minute ditty about the end of the world. What will it take to drag some people off of their phones and out of their solipsistic bubbles? As the play wittily posits, absolutely nothing.
  • Whittier, Alaska
    31 Jan. 2020
    Whittier is a pretty weird place, and the play does a solid job using it as the basis for an entertaining story of female friendship (or maybe more...?) couched in a ghost story. I was impressed by the play's thematic consistency, in that the legend behind the ghost ultimately resonated with the simple human interactions on which the piece is grounded. It also uses Alaskan "characters" as background without turning them into obvious stereotypes.
  • Chewie, Get Us Out of Here
    30 Jan. 2020
    "Chewie" may be the most referential play I've ever read. It's also funny as hell, using a "Star Trek" setup (despite the title) to drag us through pretty much every sci-fi trope of the last half-century, one tagline at a time. It all leads up to a pitch-perfect, wonderfully deflating last line that ends with the appropriate whimper.