D. Lee Miller

D. Lee Miller

D. Lee Miller is the author of AN AUTHENTIC REMBRANDT, THE SHRINE, THE DOVER TEST, THE QUICKENING, THE TRANSLATION, WHEN THE DODGERS LEFT BROOKLYN, ENDANGERED SPECIES, ANIMATION IN DUST and THE BEULAH BALLANTINE CONTEST, among other plays. Honors include Finalist at the O’Neill Theatre Center, Critics' Choice at the Double Image/Samuel French Short Play Festival and finalist at the Actors Theatre of...
D. Lee Miller is the author of AN AUTHENTIC REMBRANDT, THE SHRINE, THE DOVER TEST, THE QUICKENING, THE TRANSLATION, WHEN THE DODGERS LEFT BROOKLYN, ENDANGERED SPECIES, ANIMATION IN DUST and THE BEULAH BALLANTINE CONTEST, among other plays. Honors include Finalist at the O’Neill Theatre Center, Critics' Choice at the Double Image/Samuel French Short Play Festival and finalist at the Actors Theatre of Louisville, the Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Robert J. Pickering (Coldwater) Award for Playwriting Excellence and the George Kernodle, Dogwood, Playwright's Forum, Women at the Door, Market House Theatre and Playwright's Studio of Milwaukee competitions. Among other theatres, her plays have been presented at EST, CAP 21, Alice's Fourth Floor, La MaMa ETC, the Vital Theatre, Playground/Hub (San Francisco), Kansas City Women's Playwrights Festival, New Vision Theatre, Stagecrafter's, Shenandoah Valley International Playwrights Retreat & the West Bank Cafe. Her play, BEATRIX IN THE SHADOWS was performed on the first 365 Women a Year production, It has since won the Equity Library Theatre/Piney Forks competition and been performed at Emerging Artists Theatre (NY) and B3 Productions (Arizona). Following that, JUDGEMENT DAYS (from 365) was performed at Rover Dramawerks. She is also part of the CODE RED Group and her play, REMEMBRANCE, was performed in NY in a CODE RED #FAITH evening and was read at the HERE WE GO! Festival. Her play, ORIGAMI TEARS, is included in the anthology FACING FORWARD, published by Broadway Play Publishing. BROKEN HEART SYNDROME is included in Smith & Kraus' 5 Minute Plays. Also, to be published shortly, is her play TAP TEST in a Smith & Kraus comedy anthology. She is fortunate to have had a number of plays and monologues read at Rum Diaries in Glasgow, Scotland, appearances/monologues on Writer's Block Radio on Super Sound Scotland and on Sapphic Voices, Rebel Radio in Brighton, UK. Most recently, her play AN AUTHENTIC REMBRANDT was read at Naked Angels. It is schedule to be read in Amsterdam at Downstage Left in the Fall. Her monologue, STELLA ADLER, will be zoomed shortly for PUT A WOMAN ON A PEDASTEL.


  • CHOP SUEY, a one act play
    Becky must return her sister Celia's going out dress but she doesn't have it. How can she soften this blow when her sister needs the dress that night? And is this only about going out?
  • The Review, a monologue
    Alice is getting reviewed at work. She's been there for all of her working life. Will Frank give her the raise she needs?
  • THE FERRIS WHEEL - a short play for both stage and radio
    We track Debbie and Eddie from their first date through their lives together. We learn about their dreams, trials and losses... And although we all go through the circle of life, we never know where and when it will end.
  • The Tempestuous - A 10 minute play
    Shakespeare is writing The Tempest. Miranda and Prospero, two figments of his imagination appear for the first 'read through'. Miranda wants a voice in some changes in her role. Will he listen? He's very successful, you know.
  • An Authentic Rembrandt
    Doreen must authenticate a Rembrandt or her career could be in jeopardy. Who can help but Rembrandt himself? Unless he won't.
  • The Right Front Door - a monologue
    Marjorie is talking on the phone with her bff. She broke up with Ted, her boyfriend, in the afternoon and is trying to achieve 'closure' - especially because she has fallen for a guy on social media. He's perfect: handsome, nice home, sexy accent ... What could go wrong?
  • Stella Adler, a monologue
    A look at the actress/acting teacher, Stella Adler
  • The Long Haul (monologue)
    A woman must get to her doctor's to see if she has Covid 19. She has symptoms - and is very anxious that she is riding the subway.
  • The Great Latke Showdown of 20 Aught 9
    Matthew takes his son, Justin, to the park while the family readies for Chanukah. It is a joyous holiday and Matthew has to take away one of his son's joys. What is the outlook for the Festival of Lights?

    Can be done on stage or radio.
  • The Watsi Warrior (a short play)
    Mother doesn't want her grown daughter (whom she has been controlling all her life) to go to NYC. Will she get it together and go?
  • The Poster - A Monologue
    Julie is retired and her kids are grown. What is she to do in her life? Can she still learn new things? She doesn't want to get set to pasture.
  • Chiffon's Plea (monologue)
    Over 20 years ago, Sheldon stole the Skittles from the family. Sadly, he was exiled. He wants back in the family. Now his oldest sister, Chiffon, a lawyer, decided she feels bad enough to plead his case. Will he return to hearth and home?
  • Tap Test - (covid zoom play)
    Katie has a pop tap test with her professor. Only class is on line - Zoom remote. Will she pass?

    To be published by Smith & Kraus in Laughter is the Best Medicine - coming in 2021
  • BALL AND CHAIN a monologue
    A grandmother speaks to her granddaughter about marriage and yes, Janis Joplin.
  • The Pity and the Sorrow (monologue)
    Jean is looking for a roommate. But the building is on fire and - well good roommates are hard to find.
  • The Recipe
    THE RECIPE concerns the holiday meeting of a woman and her daughter-in-law to be. Dinner is over and the women are left in the kitchen to talk. What constitutes closeness, a marriage? Who are we loyal to: our husband? Our self? Our future? How do we handle truth with those we love? These questions arise in this comedic drama.
  • Tsunami - a monologue (COVID 19)
    In the midst of the pandemic. A mother in Brooklyn stands at the edge of a broken-down pier. Police have come. She is tortured by the loss of her son in the Atlantic Ocean, right by this pier, the day before. She called 911 then: No one had come.
  • George Floyd (monologue)
    (a monologue) Michele is interviewed by a reporter a couple of days after George Floyd's murder. Her city is in shambles (think Minneapolis).
  • Remembrance
    How do you make sense of violence in a house of worship? How do you paint the pain?
  • Motherlode - a monologue
    monologue - 3-4 min - A mother, a daughter, an employee. She needs to make an emergency call. What could go wrong?
  • The Chance
    Sue has gone to the neighborhood landmarked saloon in upstate NY. It's time she joined the adult world that she adores. Can she?
  • Sybil Luddington - a monologue
    It is 1777. Sybil Luddington, 16, is off to alert the members of a NY stage regiment that the British are attacking Danbury. Her father, the Regiment's commander, doesn't want her to go on this ominous trip - certainly not at night!
  • When the Dodgers Left Brooklyn
    10 min. play; Bud has died. While he is getting used to his journey he sees a bouncing ball of light. This is Juliet, his granddaughter being born. They talk - but he's confused - his daughter wasn't pregnant. Who is this child's who passes him towards earth as he has left?
  • Judgement Day
    JUDGEMENT DAY, is an 'homage' to Carrie Fischer and by extension, Debbie Reynolds. Carrie has died and Debbie dies the day after. This is their meeting just outside heaven's gates shortly after Debbie's death.
  • Reclaiming the Night
    RECLAIMING THE NIGHT concerns the reconnection of a mother and son on the anniversary of the father's/husband's death. They are on a hike looking for a special spot the mother wants to find. Will he wait for the spot? It's getting late...
  • Davida - long and short version
    (monologue) A futuristic, post pandemic piece. Davida's husband awakens from a long coma. He is the 'centerpiece' of her home. She tries to fill him in - remind him of who he is. But has the world changed too much?

    There is a shorter and longer version - a little over 2 minutes and over 4 minutes.
  • The Moon in the Sky
    (monologue) After a year in Paris at 18, Fanny is going home to the United States. It is 1939 and war is on France's doorstep. They await Fanny's boyfriend who is to meet her father, her godmother and lover. He is more than late.

    This is very loosely based on the artist, Fanny Brennan.
  • InDependence Day
    (Monologue) Loretta is at a meeting of Dependence Anonymous. She finally has something to say!
  • Takeout
    (Around 10 min) A blind date. She goes down to get him at the door and bring him upstairs - and they get caught in the elevator. (Before the age of Coronavirus)
  • Fanny Brice
    (monologue) Fanny Brice is leaving Nick. Based on interviews and biographies, hear Fanny thinking through the next move.
  • Beatrix in the Shadows
    one-act; 2005. Heaven. Peter Rabbit finally finds Beatrix Potter to help with a major problem back home on earth - on her own farm! Will he convince her to help?
  • The Shrine
    (Short play) Mia and Billy, both artists, have been traveling cross country to draw, paint and visit exhibits in different cities. They come to the place Mia has been longing to see: a tree in D.H. Lawrence's yard. But how was it conceived? And what is Mia and Billy's future?
  • Animation in Dust
    1 act play. Animation in Dust is about a somewhat estranged mother and daughter meeting in the backyard of the home where the daughter grew up. The Daughter hopes to use the yard for her upcoming marriage but her mother will have none of it.
    Marty has killed a woman in her boyfriend's apartment. She turns herself in to the police. But what is the real story?

    "I have to recant, give up the old belief that I am powerless and because of it nothing I can do will ever hurt anyone." Margaret Atwood.
  • The Cavity - a monologue by D. Lee Miller
    Miranda is a new upper east side dentist's office, recommended by a friend. She likes to choose dentist's office by the magazines offered. She is desperate to get a magazine that someone else is reading. Finally, it's hers! What is it she is looking for?
  • FROM HERE ON - a monologue
    Young professional, Brian, found out he has to rewrite a memo for his office team. Working remotely, he calls his co-worker in London to get some tips. He has a dicey past with Alasdair, so he'd like to get his friendship back on the road, too. Will he get the help he needs from Alasdair?
  • Tyco's Supernova Remnant - a short play
    Cassie, a young Astronomy professor, has recently reconnected with her closest childhood friend, Danny, a climatologist. She imagines her next conversation with him as he's been coming to dinner daily, due especially to a recent hurricane. Suddenly, there he is for dinner. Will things go as planned? What does she really want?
  • Almost Good - monologue
    Like so many women, Angelina Goldberg has spent the last years of her life caring for an old aunt, 24/7. She has been at her her family's beck and call. Now that her aunt has died, Angelina wants to start her life - though she's middle-aged. Is it too late for her?
  • The Prettiest Eyes - 3 minute play
    Aileen, a good daughter who visits her mother weekly in an old folks home, has some happy news for her. However, Mam has dementia and doesn't often recognize reality. Will Aileen be able to get through to her? Will Aileen ever get to connect with her mother?
  • The Perils of Paul a one minute play
    Paul is tied to railroad tracks and a train is coming. He finally sees someone who might help and calls the person over, to find she's a woman. Nell decides that she'll free him if he apologizes for whatever crime he committed that got him tied to the tracks... Will he live? Will she free him? Would you?
  • 2 short 2 min. monologues: EXPANDING FRACTIONS/LETTING GO
    Today, Mrs. Thompson has to teach reducing fractions - but a truth slips in and she can't.

    What do you do when you can no longer sleep? The older Doris stands guard at her peephole.

    Both of these are reflections of the Covid period in America.