Recommended by D. Lee Miller

    22 Aug. 2023
    Our own Dorethea and Margarite are back - this time at a Halloween masquerade party! You may once again breathe freely as they solve the latest crime in the neighborhood. The sisters, best known as The Stillwell Agency, aid the Chief Inspector when a murder occurs - those new Americans who've moved in. And these Americans deserve what they get! So sit yourself down with a cuppa tea at the radio and enjoy UNMASKED!
  • The Pity Mourner (Ten Minute)
    6 May. 2023
    This is a kind and gentle play with kind and gentle people. Paul Donnelly has created what could be the biggest change of people's lives at possibly the lowest point of of a person's life. Grief, vulnerability are at play and yet this play is hopeful and leaves us wanting to know more. Lovely.
  • ONE OLD LADY SITTING ON A BENCH (a gentle drama)
    3 May. 2023
    Trying to contend with the mind of your mother, now a constantly losing Rubix cube of memories and ideas, is painful and heartbreaking. No matter how you know this is the case, you are often caught, surprised at the mind that doesn't match the person in front of you. This play offers gentle character work, backed by so much emotions. Nicely written.
  • SURPRISE ON A BENCH (a short play)
    3 May. 2023
    A well-written play of hope and possibility that grows and grows until you are left with a surprise that changes all you have seen. Well done, Marj O'Neill-Butler!
  • Last Laugh
    3 May. 2023
    The Last Laugh is a history book of standup gold - LAST LAUGH by Morey Norkin is a play of standup gold. The folks who do standup rework each word, line and the world around us into a monologue to make us recognize and laugh. This play turns standup into theatre - two practitioners who embrace this world and their own lives before it is too late. Norkin captures their lives being reworked and it is an exhilarating transition. Bravo.
  • EMANCIPATION (A One Minute Play)
    21 Apr. 2023
    How I love being misled with a little play like this! This play is sure to get your appetite worked up! An enjoyable morsel by Vivian Lermond.
  • LOBSTER BISQUE (A One Minute Play)
    21 Apr. 2023
    Call it whatever you want, a sunburn is nothing to laugh about. Right? RIGHT? A true moment in the lives of so many we know. Have some sun 'n' fun with Lermond's Lobster Bisque.
  • A Tragedy Of Owls
    13 Apr. 2023
    I never need to be convinced to read a John Mabey play, but the subject matter hit me. Mabey has written back into history real LGBTQ prisoners during WWII, Amsterdam. Economic writing and dramatic tension from moment one, we relive only one of the hundreds or thousands of Hitler’s LGBTQ victims. Like Anne Frank, we recognize them and their helping hand, as personable losses of this heinous period. Thanks for bringing these lives back, Mr. Mabey.
    8 Apr. 2023
    A dating primer by Desdemona. Sounds crazy, no? But she has something to say. This is fun, outrageous and I'd loved to hear more. An enjoyable monologue with something to say about fathers and daughters and dating.
    8 Apr. 2023
    Using my right frontal lobe, I saw a new Lermond play, DAVENPORT'S DEMISE, and had to read it. Glad I did. DD has a dead body right from the top, dropped off outside a funeral home. Detectives Tully and Monroe are on the job and after some clues and laughs, we are left with an entertaining mystery solved. Lermond does it again!