Recommended by D. Lee Miller

  • A Ruby in a Sky of Diamonds
    15 Mar. 2024
    A beautiful sonnet to a love that overcomes grief and touches the heart string as so many wish. April and Summer are a pair that bring out the best in each other. A tender, beautiful play.
  • Music and God
    15 Mar. 2024
    No, I have not reqd the prequel to this play, but taken alone, if you haven't gone to an old friend's wedding or even a high school reunion, this is what happens. But these are everybody's favorite 'friends' - the Peanuts crew! What a blast to find out what is happening with them - It is like a memory and event all at once. I just love this! Well done, Scott Sickles.
  • Hand on Heart
    15 Mar. 2024
    Hand on Heart by Scott Sickles has us straddling a tense situation and lighter every day story - and comes out a winner play. He has brought us to the edge of the envelope - life and death. You can't help but wonder put yourself in the shoes of the two friends who find the body. Well done.
  • Cabana Boy
    15 Mar. 2024
    Philip Middleton Williams is a wonderful storyteller. Here is a sincere love story full of twists that enhance the likable characters and their wants. The thoughtful and well-crafted script brings a good feeling to you. My only want? To see it produced to really see these folks living their lives. Kudos, Williams!
    14 Jan. 2024
    How many times do you run into someone you knew and wonder 'how did they get here from there'? In a short span of time, we learn who Gerry was and see who he is now and wonder, like Mitch, about that space in time. Do others think the same of us? Did he change? This short well-written piece, raises so many questions that it will stay with you. Congrats, Vivian Lermond.
    22 Aug. 2023
    Our own Dorethea and Margarite are back - this time at a Halloween masquerade party! You may once again breathe freely as they solve the latest crime in the neighborhood. The sisters, best known as The Stillwell Agency, aid the Chief Inspector when a murder occurs - those new Americans who've moved in. And these Americans deserve what they get! So sit yourself down with a cuppa tea at the radio and enjoy UNMASKED!
  • The Pity Mourner (Ten Minute)
    6 May. 2023
    This is a kind and gentle play with kind and gentle people. Paul Donnelly has created what could be the biggest change of people's lives at possibly the lowest point of of a person's life. Grief, vulnerability are at play and yet this play is hopeful and leaves us wanting to know more. Lovely.
  • ONE OLD LADY SITTING ON A BENCH (a 10 minute play)
    3 May. 2023
    Trying to contend with the mind of your mother, now a constantly losing Rubix cube of memories and ideas, is painful and heartbreaking. No matter how you know this is the case, you are often caught, surprised at the mind that doesn't match the person in front of you. This play offers gentle character work, backed by so much emotions. Nicely written.
  • SURPRISE ON A BENCH (a 10 minute play)
    3 May. 2023
    A well-written play of hope and possibility that grows and grows until you are left with a surprise that changes all you have seen. Well done, Marj O'Neill-Butler!
  • Last Laugh
    3 May. 2023
    The Last Laugh is a history book of standup gold - LAST LAUGH by Morey Norkin is a play of standup gold. The folks who do standup rework each word, line and the world around us into a monologue to make us recognize and laugh. This play turns standup into theatre - two practitioners who embrace this world and their own lives before it is too late. Norkin captures their lives being reworked and it is an exhilarating transition. Bravo.