Recommended by Michael Aman

  • And Twice On Sunday
    13 Oct. 2020
    And Twice on Sunday is a very amusing comedy that uses the tropes of secret agents and turns them on their head. I highly recommend it.
  • cara has a hole in her head
    30 Aug. 2020
    This is a very clever play that shows two people who've been traumatized, but don't wallow. The language stretches to poetry at times, but still feels very real. I highly recommend "Cara has a hold in her head."
  • Empathy
    16 Jul. 2020
    The play shows a consistency of tone through creating a tense through-line from the first moment to the last. I highly recommend it.
  • Gentlemen
    15 Jul. 2020
    Gentlemen is proof that theater can take place anywhere. In this brief, very funny comedy, the sacredness of the men's room is challenged with great success. Bravo, Mr. Jolly.
  • Friday Night at the Dream Cafe
    20 Jun. 2020
    I love how well Hortsman-Evans captures the language and energy of the young people in this delightful play. With a large class, the individual voices are each unique and the characterizations are fun. I think this could even be produced on Zoom in this age of lock down.
    12 Jun. 2020
    Leaving Things Behind is a touching and funny play of someone who later in life realizes she has wants - the message is powerful and liberating. I highly recommend it.
  • Get Well Soon
    11 Jun. 2020
    Nothing beats a dark comedy about a hypochondriac and Mr. Underwood knows how to mine that subject for all it's comic potential. All those jokes about serious illness that we dare not utter, are on display in this delightful funny short play.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Not Batman
    8 Jun. 2020
    First of all how can you resist a title like" The Amazing Adventures of Not Batman?" This silly wonderful little play covers superheroes, the Amish, writer's block and a very arch romance novel effectively and hilariously. I highly recommend it.
  • Or,
    5 Jun. 2020
    Liz Duffy Adams OR brings to life a character plucked from every theater student's notebook breathing life into the notorious APhra Behn in a comic and poetic style. In a highly theatrical use of 3 actors to play a multiple of characters, OR revels in a comic sex farce style and pays off grandly. I highly recommend this play for the story characters and brilliant use of language.
  • Another Man's Shoes
    22 May. 2020
    Another Man's Shoes is intense and wise. In a very brief time, the author manages to teach life lessons that feel authentic. The play is tight and well written in an honest conversation that leads to hope. I highly recommend it.