Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Art should be weird. Art should be a reflection of your inner self. Art should make people uncomfortable, but also make them have a party in their seat.

Above all, art should be whatever the definition of "joy" is for you.

For me, "joy" is seeing myself in the media I consume.

I want media where the autistic characters aren't cis het white manchildren; I want media where the queer characters have a happily ever after; I want media where the trans characters strive to have wonderful and fulfilling lives and actually get to succeed.

I want representation that finds the joy and diversity of life and love on both spectrums, and in all kinds of people, not just my own communities.

So I set out to do just that, in as much of my work as possible.

My artistic statement is simple, really: I just want to make some joy, for all the weirdos out there like me.