Recommended by Leif Larson

  • Let Me Know If I Hurt You
    17 Jun. 2024
    This play grabbed me from the very beginning. Bob's coming-of-age adventures were surprising, hilarious and heartbreaking. I was fortunate to see Dave play Bob in a streamed performance of this play, and it was a tour de force! Bravo!
  • Chewy Queens
    1 Apr. 2024
    There is so much to chew on in this short play! Visceral and riveting, these women will leave you hungry for more!
  • Is This All This Is
    7 Jul. 2023
    A tender and sensitive play about a family learning to love and accept each other. Osmundsen probes the tender spots of familial trauma with humor and insight, guiding his beautifully rendered characters through the murky waters of conflict and entanglement to a place of grace and understanding. It made me feel briefly hopeful.
  • The Presidential Chili Cook Off
    6 Jul. 2023
    This play will put you smack dab in Klonopinto County where Chili-gate is in full swing. A hilarious political satire laced with just the right amount of spice (and no beans). I laughed out loud!
  • Cabana Boy
    5 Jul. 2023
    Cabana Boy is brilliantly essential if only because it makes Florida GAY again. PMW crafts a poolside drama that crackles with sexual tension from the opening scene. I feel in love with all the characters, especially Mitch and Ben, young gay men coming of age in a world of frat houses, hotel room trysts and Hollywood backrooms. Cabana Boy generously imparts a health dose of Queer culture and history tucked into a red speedo. I loved it!