Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

My name is Deanna Strasse and I like to tell stories.

I studied Theatre at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and while my emphasis was performance, I quickly learned that creating stories was my true love. I finished my first play when I was nineteen and, while it was far from a piece of theatrical genius, my professors still took the time to help me hone my skills at writing dialogue and cultivating stories. The play was workshopped and produced as a staged reading my junior year, followed by a fully mounted show the following year. I graduated knowing that I wanted to write, but how I’d get there was still a mystery. I’ve had a lot of time in the past ten (plus!) years since graduating to consider what I want to say and how my words can affect those around me.

I describe my work as a search for genuine things; I have always been intrigued by the intricacies of relationships and what it means to truly connect with another person. My plays focus mainly on people attempting to bridge the gap between themselves and others, often in amusing ways, complete with some banter because I do love good banter. There is so much in life that is fake yet comfortable; my goal with writing is to get at the heart of honest but potentially strained relationships.

As an actress, I know the genuine struggle that many women face in the theatre world: there are far too many of us and not enough roles. Along with writing genuine pieces of dialogue, I also strive to always provide dynamic and engaging roles for women.

Whether it’s a hilarious murder mystery romp or a deep dive into the human psyche around a kitchen table, I will tell genuine stories.