Recommended by Morey Norkin

  • Speechless
    15 Jun. 2024
    I can easily identify with Connor’s discomfort in groups and Lucia’s struggle with a foreign language. And I think because these characters are so recognizable and presented in a non-judgmental way, this play works its own special magic. It would be fun to see this performed in schools where students are encouraged to move to the beat of their different drums.
  • Heist!
    12 Jun. 2024
    What a riot! Two of the most incompetent thieves you’ll ever meet attempt to steal the Hope Diamond. In this two-hander, Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend makes great use of the audience as the unseen school tour group and the Smithsonian docent, Marianne. The laughs are nonstop. Great for all ages as evidenced by the wide range of productions and awards received.
  • No Joy, No Luck
    11 Jun. 2024
    Under any circumstances this would be a moving monologue. But knowing it’s based on the playwright’s relationship with her own mother adds another dimension of shock. For reasons I can’t fathom, the mother chooses to distance herself from a clearly intelligent and talented daughter. At times surprisingly humorous (only because of the subject), this piece packs quite a punch. Kudos to Ms. Wang for having performed this piece herself.
  • Morto D. Gatto
    10 Jun. 2024
    Renter beware! There are plenty of laughs in store as a prospective renter uses a unique negotiating strategy with the landlord. The fast-paced antics lead perfectly to a surprising punchline. Great fun!
  • Target after lunch, and other judgments on the state of man (A monologue for men)
    10 Jun. 2024
    Who wouldn’t want an advocate like Gary? In this hard-hitting monologue, Gary isn’t taking crap from anyone when it comes to protecting his son. He’s aware of how others may judge him, and he can’t really forget things he has had to let go, but doing less for his son is not an option. There are no medals for being a parent, but for the Garys of the world, Darrin Friedman has given you this amazing gift.
  • "The Talk"
    10 Jun. 2024
    What a great setup for an even greater turn of events! Annie and Meg are far from infirm, but if their adult children would be more comfortable with them living at the senior village… Two appropriately aged females will have a blast with this!
  • They're In There
    9 Jun. 2024
    After hearing this play on a couple of podcasts, I finally got around to reading it. Now this play is stuck in my brain, playing tricks and haunting my dreams. In THEY’RE IN THERE, John Busser sets the funny aside and goes straight for the dark and unnerving. And with great success! Give it a read and a listen, if you dare!
    9 Jun. 2024
    Paul Smith brilliantly captures an aging actor’s lament about never landing that big role. The role he auditioned for time and again, memorized, and watched as others did injustice to it. There comes a time when we have to face certain facts. And this character has reached that time with a sense that he will make the best of it. This monologue gives an older actor the chance to show he still has a lot left in the tank. I wish I weren’t running on empty.
  • Pit
    8 Jun. 2024
    At what point does desperation turn to total defeat and then acceptance? Hat and Glasses have clearly reached that point as they engage in their nameless, mundane routine. That Daniel Prillaman’s dialogue makes this so humorous and compelling is an extraordinary achievement. The introduction of the aptly named Third Wheel changes the tone and turns up the tension. This is an absolutely fascinating character study that despite its unique setting is surprisingly relatable. Hope these characters find their way out of the pit and onto the stage.
    7 Jun. 2024
    A very clever, witty piece that looks at how centuries of art have influenced our view of gender roles. The anachronistic banter between Botticelli and Venus is lively and provides laughs and insight in equal measure. Sure to be a delight on stage.