Recommended by Morey Norkin

  • Splitting the Check (Ten Minute)
    1 Oct. 2023
    If there’s a lesson here, I think it’s that it’s good to make friends with your waiter. This is so clever and sneaky. I loved it!
  • Did you do the thing yet, Joe?
    1 Oct. 2023
    Is it a meme? Just a friendly reminder to complete some menial task? Or is it a haunting refrain that reverberates in your brain like a pesky ear worm repeating to the tintinabulation that so musically wells from the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells!! Or is it just hysterical good fun? The unabashed name dropping! Pie for dinner! The sheer joy of watching a simple question go viral! Joe, the ball’s in your court. Don’t keep us waiting. Did you do the thing yet?
  • Mr Bennet's Bride
    30 Sep. 2023
    Pure delight! If you stumbled across a bound copy of this play, you would swear it was a 19th century gem. In reality it is a 21st century gem from Emma Wood filled with the wit and manners that make it an excellent prequel to “Pride and Prejudice.” And like that earlier work, I can see MR. BENNET’S BRIDE becoming a classic of on its own. This would be a treat to see on stage or even adapted for film.
  • Luck of the Draw
    30 Sep. 2023
    The centuries old practice of arranged marriages takes a shocking turn with government mandates. But even in this odd and horrifying scenario, Brenton Kniess manages to find humor, tenderness, and humanity. It remains to be seen whether these two strangers will ever fall in love. But it only takes ten minutes for audiences to fall in love with these characters.
  • To the Test
    30 Sep. 2023
    At times I felt as if I were reading an absurdist drama as the teacher evaluation scene played out. Cynthia’s anxiety and frustration were so palpable I could feel my blood pressure rising. And the way her frustration plays out at home with her husband and daughter speaks to how well Ricardo Soltero-Brown has developed these characters and relationships. I have no doubt public school teachers would love this, but it’s the administrators who really need to see it. Well done.
  • Trigger Warning
    29 Sep. 2023
    Marc Paykuss takes an unflinching look at today’s college culture that attempts to shield students from speech (from guest speakers, entertainers, etc.) that may be upsetting. Art, in the case of this play stand-up comedy, has a point of view. It’s not intended to be neutral. Some people will be offended. But they have a choice whether to consume it. TRIGGER WARNING will certainly promote discussion, but only if theater groups actually believe that’s what good theater is about.
    28 Sep. 2023
    A charming two-hander for senior actors. Family secrets and a budding romance are on tap when two strangers meet at a poorly attended funeral. This one left me with a smile and a craving for fish and chips.
  • Quality Time
    27 Sep. 2023
    In this powerful short piece, we see how the war in Ukraine has broken an already fragile father-daughter relationship. Taisiia “Taya” Fedorenko has given us two fully developed characters struggling to understand each other. As desperate as the father is to repair the damage, like the ever present war it is unclear what the resolution will be. Well done!
  • A Crossing
    27 Sep. 2023
    The repetitious act of waking up each morning brings new challenges or opportunities depending on your perspective. In this beautifully crafted and moving two-hander from Lee Lawing, we see how the separate morning routines affect Joey and Heather in positive and worrisome ways, respectively. The serendipitous meeting of these two is just what I was hoping for and I have no doubt audiences will feel the same. Every day can’t be perfect, but waking up is still a good thing. You might get to read a an amazing play like A CROSSING.
  • Ruins
    23 Sep. 2023
    This is a play that everyone should read about a situation that no one should ever have to experience. Sasha Sereda’s haunting tale beautifully captures the emotional toll of war on the young and innocent. Thank you for sharing this important story.