Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Artists Statement.

As a playwright, I have always tried to understand humanity and the integration of the self to his environment with its problems of perception. Psychology has tried to categorize the ills of society. One of the most devastating global issues we face is the senseless violence we experience when an individual becomes so estranged from the other members of his world that he acts out in a social setting to randomly kill others. I believe that everyone needs to feel and know that they are loved and cherished. From the moment we are thought into being, we must experience multiple explosions of love, for that is what propels us forward. It gives us the impetus to stay sane. The way we becomes a conduit for love is by loving, by reaching out through some sort of loving positive endeavor. Creative expression through art manifestation is one way to access an act of eternal love, for if we are not creative we will be destructive. This is merely a glimpse into the knowing that comfort can come into our hearts on a deeper level to offer repose from the storms of society. Eternal love is a divine birthright for every living thing as it shatters the illusions of fear, doubt and worry, and allows us to know that we have come into being simply for the sheer joy of experiencing ourselves no matter where we are or with whom we are sharing our time .

To create theatre that allows people to think and feel simultaneously in order to break the bonds of alienation that help concoct the imaginary boundaries of race, nation, gender and class... we need a theatre that can entertain, educate and exult the creative force of the human spirit in us all.

The theatre is a practice, which “wakes us up. Nerves and heart,” and through which we experience, “immediate violent action,” that “inspires us with the fiery magnetism of its images and acts upon us like a spiritual therapeutics whose touch can never be forgotten.” - Antonin Artaud

The new consciousness sought after by the operas of Richard Wagner has finally found its way back onto the modern stage. Now approaching the 21st Century, audiences will be able find solace in the theatre, or as Wagner put it: “... repose from the storms of society.” The essential premise of the new consciousness musical theatre allows the spectator to enter into his own personal dreamstate while still remaining fully conscious of the onstage story. Through the use of musical archetypes, combined with poetic visual imagery,the inherent quality of the music will trigger responses latent within the soul of each spectator. Each spectator will then rise to a heightened level of awareness in which they will transcend their own personal experience and tap into a pool of unknown dimension called the collective unconscious. Within this realm of consciousness, the audience will be , in effect, sharing one dream through the art related experience. Angelic visions and celestial music will carry the human element of the drama into this communal experience, beyond his ordinary senses into an awareness where the level of problem solving is enhanced by a deeper level of wisdom than human beings are not ordinarily accustomed. The societial effect of this new consciousness theatre will carry over into the world of its spectators and beyond simply because their essential make-up of transmitting physical energy will be thus transformed. As in evolution of the human species, the change will be a gradual yet effective surge toward soul enrichment and spiritual growth.Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger (Theatre of the Awakened Dream, 1993)