Recommended by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

  • LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: a Very Short Play About Children and Guns
    27 May. 2022
    Sickles’ brilliant two minute play will make you understand just how long two minutes might feel. A crushing indictment and fat middle finger to our legislative body.
  • We Are Cranston
    3 Apr. 2022
    Cringe-worthy and terrible in all the right ways, this hilarious dark comedy shows us there’s nothing more important than football. A fun short that will have audiences squirming in their seats with delight.
  • A Quarter Placed on Railroad Tracks
    3 Apr. 2022

    Martin’s signature style is on display here as we bear witness to a moment in time between intimate friends who are at a critical juncture in their lives. It’s all on the line both figuratively and literally. Bittersweet.
  • Antagonism, or, Some People Like to P*ss in the Pool [a 1-minute play]
    25 Oct. 2021
    Martin manages to pack a lot of tense action into this one-minute play. Clever use of a simple prop to underscore the protagonist’s goal, too.
  • Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone [a 1-minute play]
    25 Oct. 2021
    In this short, Martin captures the literal air of despair. All the concentrated, raw emotion stripped of any physical interference. Pure misery shown like a painting made of words. Powerful.
  • The Profession (Full-length play)
    16 Oct. 2021
    In “The Profession”, the seedy under bellies of two career paths are exposed, but just which profession is more corrupt isn’t entirely clear. Gender, class, and capitalism all collide resulting in a paradise lost, one that perhaps never was. Set to a smart, literary backdrop, Eppich-Harris hands down this authentic indictment of academia. A truly well written play. Highly recommended.
  • Cornered
    10 Sep. 2021
    Don't tread on this snake. Schlomann gives us a clever political metaphor when opposites, paralyzed by fear, find themselves in the proverbial dark cave confronting an invisible enemy. Sharp, witty, and smart.
  • Scavengers (Ten Minute Play)
    10 Sep. 2021
    Sometimes serendipity can come from the most unexpected places, ushered in by the most unexpected people. A short play about being open to possibilities in all their shapes and forms. Sweet!
  • The Cardinal
    6 Sep. 2021
    A bird with a message provides mother and son an opportunity to learn about science and compassion in an unexpected way. And maybe just really is behind the message all along. Warm, thoughtful, and poignant. Just lovely.
  • Psychic Healing
    6 Sep. 2021
    Psychics always prove to be fertile ground for hilarious miscommunication (because of course), but Loraine’s play brings a warmth to this short comedy. A lovely piece about connection, loss, and the meaning of caring - and the many ways we go about it. Sweet.