Recommended by Daniel Guyton

  • The Book Store
    15 May. 2019
    Charming, whimsical and fun. This play reads like a breeze. 93 pages and I felt like I was finished in minutes. Would be perfect for a large cast - either children, adults, professional or amateur. It feels simultaneously small and epic - just as any decent bookstore should. I loved the characters and I loved the momentum. I highly recommend this play!
  • Dead Movement
    17 Sep. 2018
    Saw this at Onion Man Productions in Chamblee, GA. The cast was stellar, and the script hilarious. We roared with laughter, especially at the antics of Joe Joe the mechanic. Patrick was a mysterious and fascinating character. Rachel was a troubled woman with a haunted past. It felt a bit like "Hot L Baltimore" at first, but with an absurdist tone and a mind-blowing twist at the end! Perfect for Halloween, and ideal for colleges, community theatres and anyone searching for unusual dark comedies.
  • Liner Notes
    17 Sep. 2018
    Saw this at Onion Man Productions in Chamblee, GA. Great production! It's a 90 minute play with only two characters. You'd expect it to possibly get boring, but with a solid cast at Onion Man, it never did. This mismatched relationship between an aging rock guitarist, and his estranged band-mate's daughter makes for a fascinating character study. The best part about it is the love of music that the two characters share. It's evident that Mr. Bray loves music as much as the characters. If you love music and intimate character studies, check this one out!
  • Woke
    17 Sep. 2018
    I saw a production of this at Essential Theatre in Atlanta. It blew me away. The play starts out fun and light-hearted, but quickly shifts into much darker territory with the discussion of the Philando Castile shooting. While the issues of Black Lives Matter are confronted and explored in an emotional way, the play never feels preachy or didactic. Instead, it delves into the anger, fear and frustration of this moment, without alienating the audience. We are there with the characters every step of the way. All characters feel 3-dimensional, and there is great humor and pathos throughout.
  • The Book of Will
    7 Sep. 2018
    I saw this at Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta. What an amazing script. I adored it beyond words. The love Ms. Gunderson has for Shakespeare is evident. More importantly for this play, she loves the people who worked hard to preserve his work. My favorite part is the dedication to women in this play. It isn't just the men who saved Shakespeare's legacy, it was the women as well. Truly a breath of fresh air. Magnificent!
    6 Apr. 2018
    Amazing! I freaking love this play. So funny. Incredible characters. Great storyline. The kind of play that I'm insanely jealous I didn't write. Johnny Drago is a g-ddamn national treasure, and he deserves to be honored - especially for this play, if for nothing else.
  • Elvis Dry Humps Nixon
    18 Oct. 2017
    This is brilliant. Sick, hilarious, and absurdly revisionist history. Kind of like "Inglorious Basterds" when they fulfill an historical wishlist by killing Hilter. Mr. Stubbles here fulfills another historical wishlist by letting Elvis Presley and Tricky Dick get it on in the Oval Office. Was it on MY historical wishlist? No. But surely, someone somewhere said at some point, "Gosh, wouldn't it be hot to see those legendary figures hump each other silly?" Folks, Bryan Stubbles IS that someone. Well done, sir. I can never listen to "Hound Dog" the same way again.
  • The BIG Fear
    17 Oct. 2017
    Some really funny innuendo in this one! A cute scene for an adult audience. Sweet and awkward. I enjoyed it!
    22 May. 2016
    Fantastic script! I did not see it going in the direction that it went. What a heart-breaker. Very clear characters in just a short time frame. I understand who both characters are, why they're there, and probably where they're going. Absolutely tragic but wonderfully written. I highly recommend this short piece!
    11 Aug. 2015
    The title tells us that Adam is a veteran. The monologue tells us that we treat our veterans like crap. But this play is not a lecture, it is not a preachy admonition. It is a character study. Of a young man who gave so much to our country, and the country that repays him with a shoddy mortgage and a crippled American dream. It's a catchy play, a sad play, and a stirring play all at once. Should anger those who watch it, but more importantly, it will make a great audition piece. America. F-Yeah.