Recommended by Daniel Guyton

  • Come on, ref!
    21 Jun. 2023
    Very charming play about two men watching a child's soccer game. Both are parents of one or more teammates, but one truly loves the sport and the other is trying to learn for his child's sake. We learn quite a bit about both men in this short play, and they are both fascinating characters. It is heart-warming, sad, and funny in equal measure. All in all, very charming, LGBTQ-affirming, and a great family play. I hope it gets many productions!
  • A House with Good Bones
    21 Sep. 2022
    Super spooky play about a family with a dark secret in their closet. We loved this play so much, we included it as part of "Things That Go Bump 2022" - our annual festival of short Halloween plays. It is short, creepy and a lot of fun!
  • Digital Christmas
    19 Aug. 2022
    Very clever, funny play about Santa trying to automate Christmas through drone deliveries, etc. It’s cute and charming, and very timely.
  • No One Asked
    19 Aug. 2022
    Very charming play about a grown woman meeting Santa Claus and thinking he’s a burglar. I really loved the message about gun violence, and the jokes are delightful. I'd love to see this one produced!
  • The Long Christmas Journey to Wellesley and Weston
    19 Aug. 2022
    I recently read a ton of holiday scripts, and this was one of my absolute favorites. Beautiful and mournful. About an Italian Catholic family going through several generations at Christmas. Explores death, birth, marriage, love, etc, all in the span of 30 minutes. Has some humor and wonderful staging opportunities. This is a really terrific piece and deserves a lot of productions!
  • A Christmas Bedtime Story
    19 Aug. 2022
    I love, love, love this script. It is charming, funny and adorable. On first read, it seems a bit too "tell instead of show"; however, there is so much potential for staging outside of the two characters speaking. For instance, other actors could play out the parts, projections and/or puppetry could be used. There are many options for a magical, theatrical experience. I really think this could be an audience favorite. Great script!
  • Oy Vey Maria (a ten minute play)
    19 Aug. 2022
    I saw this at OnStage Atlanta several years ago. It was hysterically funny. The character development, the jokes, the pacing, etc. It all works beautifully. One of the best 10-minute holiday plays I've ever seen.
  • This Dump Could Use a Makeover
    14 Jun. 2022
    A very funny satire of modern-day influencers and the narcissism that tends to be present in such individuals. In this short play, two internet influencers compete with each other to try to help a refugee father and daughter, though it's clear from the get-go that the person each influencer really wants to help is themself. It's tongue-in-cheek but very timely. Would be great in an evening of short plays about modern technology.
  • Science Friction; or, The Rapid Deconstruction of a Rational Mind
    10 Nov. 2021
    One of the best 10-minute plays I've ever read! Incredibly funny and profound. We produced it at our annual Halloween festival this year, and it was the absolute highlight of the evening. No weak moments in the entire play, and the actors who brought it to life were beyond superb. This piece gets a chef's kiss for its stellar dialogue and delicious character choices. Bravo!
  • Camp Lumberjack
    10 Nov. 2021
    This is a really fun play for Halloween - with a lot of dark twists and turns. Funny and scary. Definitely worth reading and producing!