Recommended by Daniel Guyton

  • The BIG Fear
    17 Oct. 2017
    Some really funny innuendo in this one! A cute scene for an adult audience. Sweet and awkward. I enjoyed it!
    22 May. 2016
    Fantastic script! I did not see it going in the direction that it went. What a heart-breaker. Very clear characters in just a short time frame. I understand who both characters are, why they're there, and probably where they're going. Absolutely tragic but wonderfully written. I highly recommend this short piece!
    11 Aug. 2015
    The title tells us that Adam is a veteran. The monologue tells us that we treat our veterans like crap. But this play is not a lecture, it is not a preachy admonition. It is a character study. Of a young man who gave so much to our country, and the country that repays him with a shoddy mortgage and a crippled American dream. It's a catchy play, a sad play, and a stirring play all at once. Should anger those who watch it, but more importantly, it will make a great audition piece. America. F-Yeah.
  • A Common Martyr
    5 Jul. 2015
    6 young friends sit around a campfire drinking. It seems like a set-up for a typical masked killer story. However, the friends all end up metaphorically hacking EACH OTHER into pieces - psychologically, emotionally, and even sexually. The deep wounds revealed over the course of this play kept me fascinated. Relationships are examined and deconstructed, stereotypes are stripped away to reveal the raw humanity buried beneath each character. The monologues are riddled with deep philosophical insight. I found the characters compelling, the reveal of each characters' fears, hopes, and deep philosophical terror of the unknown future to be handled beautifully.
  • A Gulag Mouse
    30 Jun. 2015
    "A Gulag Mouse" is a powerful read - heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. If you need a two-act play with a strong female cast (5 women), and aren't afraid of Russian accents, this is the play for you. A young woman murders her husband in self-defense. Because this is post-WWII Russia, and her husband is a renowned war hero, she gets little sympathy from the courts. She's sentenced to 10 years in a Russian gulag, where she meets four other women - all with distinct and fascinating personalities. The play is at once hopeful, tragic, threatening, scary, and even funny in parts.
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    16 Jan. 2015
    I saw a reading of this at the Last Frontier Theatre Festival in Valdez, AK, and it was a SMASH! The audience laughed until it hurt. I videotaped it with her permission, and had trouble holding the camera, I was laughing so hard. Great stuff!