Recommended by Daniel Guyton

  • Whispering to the Dead
    10 Nov. 2021
    We produced this play last year during the pandemic as a Zoom production. Even despite the technical difficulties of doing a play online, this piece was riveting. Audiences really enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters!
  • On the Third Day
    9 Jun. 2021
    I saw this play at The Windmill near Atlanta, GA. It was powerful, touching, and even very funny at parts. This is a family-in-crisis, but Ms. McIntyre never forgets to show you the humanity underneath that crisis. A beautiful play all the way around.
  • The Unders
    17 May. 2021
    WOW! The dialogue is crisp and it moves at a rapid pace. 84 pages long, but I read it in well under an hour. Three famously oppressed historical figures from different time periods all ride a train together. Where is the train going? How are these people able to appear in the same time period? Who is this 4th mysterious character? This play has incredible symbolism, beautiful language, densely packed action, and is eminently stageable. It needs to be produced today!
  • Capstone
    16 Apr. 2021
    I love the dialogue in this play, especially the poetry. Even the 9/11 stuff manages to be funny AND deeply uncomfortable at the same time. Overall, this play makes some compelling points about America's obsession with patriotism, as well as with our media's obsession with tragedy. This play is not for the faint of heart, but if you like edgy plays with a social conscience, this is a great one to consider!
    14 Mar. 2021
    I love Orson Welles, and I especially love those Paul Masson wine bloopers that have circled the internet. This play satirizes the wine bloopers, but also dives in further to the man himself. My first thought was that the real bloopers were funny enough without needing a parody, but this play includes deeper analysis of Welles' career and life, in the context of those bloopers that reads really well. This piece is funny and sad, often within the same moment. Great job!
  • Would This Girl Tell
    7 Mar. 2021
    A powerful drama that fits in perfectly in the #metoo age. A wealthy man named Mr. Charles likes to lure young girls to his penthouse with the promise of a well-paying job, only to take advantage of them sexually. His assistant Nadine is all too complicit in the crimes. It is eerily reminiscent of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. This play focuses on one of the victims, Susie. My only concern is that the play feels like it ends too soon. I would love to see more from this piece.
  • Offboarding
    28 Feb. 2021
    One thing I love about this play is that both characters can be any age, gender, ethnicity, etc. We read this aloud at our writers' group meeting, and it was fun to imagine how different the play would be with different dynamics between white/black, old/young, male/female, etc. If you saw it several times with different casts, the play would resonate wildly differently each time. Great set-up, dialogue, and a dream come true for most casting directors.
  • Best Mother-in-Law Ever
    28 Feb. 2021
    We produced this play at Merely Players Presents as part of our Amplifest production. It was one of the most enjoyable shorts of the night, with four very enjoyable and funny characters. It's light, sweet and festive - like a tasty Chardonnay.
  • Witchy Harmony
    28 Feb. 2021
    This is a very funny short Halloween play about two witches who concoct a love potion to ensnare some hunky warlocks. However, an awkward human arrives, demanding a love potion to pursue the object of his affection. The witches are prepared to sell him some, except he then demands that it be gluten-free and vegan, which their eye-of-newt, etc, products are not. Hijinks ensue. Very funny, witty, and enjoyable.
  • The Satin Worshippers
    28 Feb. 2021
    One of the funniest Halloween short plays I've ever read. It is a laugh-a-minute riot as Dave and Buster attempt to summon Satan by enlisting the help of other Satan worshipers in the area. However, they do not know how to spell, so they end up summoning a local SATIN worshiper who teaches them the value of this very exotic fabric. It's a perfect short play for Halloween, or just about any time that you want to laugh.