Recommended by Matthew Weaver

  • Tamora
    17 Jan. 2020
    YES. Burbano's play is a Titus Andronicus prequel, but in writing this she asks us what to do with men. Especially those men today that would harm and abuse and prey upon women. Tamora steels herself with an answer that sets the stage for a classic, but outlines the tasks society has in front of it.
    All of Burbano's ferocity, intelligence and gift for channeling her grief are here. May her words find their way to people who will do them justice.
    If you're not reading/producing a Diana Burbano play, are you even truly doing theater?
  • All is Calm
    1 Jan. 2020
    Welcome baby Nebuchadnezzar!
    Boy, does a Sickles play pack a wallop! He gets it, he really does. About unrequited love, about the failure to connect; about loneliness, during the holidays or during ordinary time.
    ALL IS CALM finds strength in the melancholy and captures these emotions so they are written down for future generations to read and acknowledge with knowing nods. (That said, all right, Universe, we get it! Enough already!)
    Selfishly, I'd love more Sickles plays written just as the year changes. But, Universe, it'd be an even better tradition if his loving fella told him, "Wait until tomorrow."
  • Pa'Lante & Beyond
    30 Dec. 2019
    What can we do as playwrights?
    What can we do to change the world?
    This is something I think about ...
    Diaz-Marcano, though, knows. He does it every day.
    We can raise our voices. We can use our words. To speak. To elevate others. To call out power when power does not want to called out. To inject unease into the daily lives of the comfortable. To change minds.
    We can speak.
    We can change the world. With our words.
    Nelson knows this. He knows.
    Thank you, as always, Nelson, for your beautiful words.
    Read and produce this play, please.
  • One Minute More (A One Minute Play)
    29 Dec. 2019
    Martin beautifully captures the moment before a couple learns their destiny, and in the course of two pages/60 seconds gives us the entire summary of their life together, the thing they want most. Danica and Joel are right on the cusp, the precipice, possibly even the breaking point .. Moving and lovely.
    28 Dec. 2019
    I just ...
    (reads ending)
    28 Dec. 2019
    Wow. An excellent conversation starter that gives both sides of the argument equal time and measure and examination. No one is all right or all wrong here, and everyone is uncomfortable. Good! This makes it very important. This play's production history should be/had better be/is destined to be longer. Masterfully done.
  • Number 10
    28 Dec. 2019
    As someone who seriously overthinks EVERYTHING, I related to this quite a lot. Rassler's play is refreshing and invigorating - full of good friendship and self-empowerment and funny as all get out. Lord knows we need plays like this, both in this day and age and ANY day and age. Should be a given, a natural fit for any festival and an excellent showcase for talented performers. Will have the audience leave feeling better about themselves and the world around them.
  • The Rut
    28 Dec. 2019
    This is a fascinating, dark and intimate look at, well, intimacy. And all the little ways that we sabotage ourselves and our relationships. Ottinger gets bonus points for writing this for 50-plus performers, as well. The bravest play festivals will select this play, and their audience members will reap the benefits for their bravery.
  • Hamlet: Abridged (and Possibly Improved?)
    23 Dec. 2019
    For those rare souls who are completely unfamiliar with the original, this is an excellent primer (and will likely depress you when you discover how unHagemanesque the source material is). For those for whom this is an oft-told tale, Hageman (no surprise to her loyal fans) offers a vibrantly fresh take with some Vitamin Hamlet.
    A sure-fire guarantee to brighten your mood no matter the kind of day you've been having. All Hageman's signature wit and sarcasm are resoundingly present. An excellent showcase for youth performers, but performer and audience member alike are certain to share all the fun equally.
  • WYWH
    23 Dec. 2019
    Wow. Wow. What a fabulous play!
    WYWH offers itself as an antidote to all of those steamy tales of star-crossed lovers separated by time travel, and proves to be the superior choice.
    This entire thing really is irresistible - this play had me at Woodrow - and unexpected and yet immediately feels like a classic. It's like TWILIGHT ZONE good -- only Moran goes for heart rather than an ironic, unsettling twist and BOY DOES IT EVER WORK! Absolutely fantastic. Not a single false note.
    Grateful to NPX for its ability to put writers like Moran on our radar.