Recommended by Jacquelyn Reingold

  • The Old Couple
    26 Sep. 2023
    This sharp play about two older Ukrainians, living now in Germany, will enlighten you, make you laugh, and open your heart. The language is stunning. The play is filled with surprises. Two great roles for older actors. Highly recommended.
  • The Sea
    26 Sep. 2023
    This wonderful short play has such a full story, with full characters, and it's filled with strong language, imagery, and complex emotions. It depicts the impossibility of love and war and family. Four great roles! Highly recommended.
  • Ruins
    26 Sep. 2023
    This unusual and searing short play explores the inner and outer worlds of a young woman during a war. Complex, mysterious, haunting. Great roles for two young women. Highly recommended.
  • Proof Of Love
    26 Sep. 2023
    This short play starts with a confrontation between two young people and a police officer (read by Michael Shannon!), and ends with a celebration of art in the midst of war. Dramatic and uplifting. Three great roles. Highly recommended.
  • Quality Time
    26 Sep. 2023
    This sharp, moving play, which was read by Liev Schreiber, depicts a father/daughter conflict, but with the high-stakes intensity of the war in Ukraine, underlying its every word. Two great roles: for a young woman in her 20s, and a man in his 40s. Highly recommended.
  • Candies, Wedding, Bones
    26 Sep. 2023
    This profound short play will hit you in the gut, in the best way. Its deep emotions and powerful imagery are rendered with a big heart and a deep soul. Great roles for three actors, including a woman over 50. Highly recommended.
  • Dnipro
    26 Sep. 2023
    This short play will move you to tears. A beautiful portrait of a young woman trying to connect with her grandmother, suffering from dementia, in the midst of war. Two amazing roles for two women. Highly recommended.
  • Superhero
    26 Sep. 2023
    What happens when a young Ukrainian meets a well-meaning but ignorant American family? This short play vibrantly written, crashes many worlds together: Ukrainian/American, young/older, aware/ignorant, with humor, drama, and smarts. Highly recommended. Wonderful roles for 4 actors.
  • The Orchid
    26 Sep. 2023
    How does a marriage cope with the complexities of war? With humor, heart, and a bit of surrealism. This wonderful short play does it all. And it has two great roles for actors in their 60s. Highly recommended.
  • Oklahoma Samovar
    8 Dec. 2022
    A big play with a lot heart, history, and surprises along the way. A Jewish family on a farm in Oklahoma? Yes, it's true! This unusual family crashes into another immigrant clan in Brooklyn. Sparks fly, cultures collide. Jews are not monolithic, thankfully, as sensitively written by Alice Eve Cohen. She brings joy, nuance, and warmth to this lovely play.