Recommended by Jacquelyn Reingold

  • The Brisket
    3 Apr. 2021
    Ah, sisters!! What a wonderful, honest, big hearted yet conflict driven tale about three complex womxn in their 50s-60s (yay for women over 50!). Family dynamics expertly drawn, with nuance and humor, and fear for that sweet dog, all twisted into a Christmas gift of a play, in 10 pages. Delightful and satisfying!
  • Maid's Door
    11 Aug. 2019
    A beautiful depiction of a multi-generational family, filled with love, insights, and heartbreak. Layers of complexity are stunningly, almost magically, laid out in counterpoint to a disintegrating mind. Sadly relevant to anyone who's been young, not so young, and if lucky, will become old. Elegant and poignant.